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PWR full name power, is led power supply light, when the LED in the router to power up the time has been bright, the normal situation does not flicker.


SYS, which is the system running status indicator. And it is through this lamp to inform the user of the operation of the device, if the fault or restart in the words, will flicker and not the same as usual.


The full name of WLAN is wireless local area network, Chinese meaning is wireless LAN, that is, wireless led, when a wireless network card connection is on the route, the lamp will start flashing.


WAN full name Wide area network, the Chinese meaning is the WAN is the external network led. When there is a flow of access to the external network will blink the lamp, if the outside network is broken, the lantern is evenly flashing or out, or change color.


The full name of the LAN is the local area network, the Chinese meaning is the LAN. It is a local use of the network, we can understand the same conflict in the domain of the device, a general wireless router, there will be 4 LAN wired interface, and 4 LAN port is no priority.

TP LINK Wireless Router eight LEDs

Gear is the system running state lamp, the normal operation every 1-2 seconds flashing once, long press/poke reset key/hole 5 seconds, router reset, the lantern flashing 5 times fast. Basically as long as the router starts, no matter what state it will blink.

The second (left to right), is WLAN, when the WiFi device is not connected, the lamp flashes, the frequency is faster than the gear, the WiFi device will flash a few times, WiFi device download, the lights flash.

The left 3-6 is LAN (wired LAN) 1-4 interface LEDs, not connected when not lit, the connection will flicker, the more frequent data exchange, the more the lights flash, download crazy flash.

The left 7 is a WAN (WAN) light, which corresponds to a WAN interface, where there is a data exchange (Wlan/lan) at either end of the route, the light flashes, the download will flash at a high speed, and no data exchange will be always bright.

The last one is the WPS Wireless encryption connection led, if the WiFi device is routed through the WPS encrypted channel connection, there is data exchange, this lantern flashing. This light does not light when the WPS feature is not turned on.

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