Wireless router signal poor how to do?

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Q: No line from the living room, but in the bedroom signal is relatively weak, what is the solution?

A: No line by the signal strength and the route itself, the receiver's wireless network card, the use of distance, the middle interval of the number of load-bearing walls, and so on, and even with the neighbor's home without the number of lines are also related.

Method One: Antenna gain

Normally, no line from through a load-bearing wall is no problem, some good performance through the two load-bearing walls are no problem, if the use of the family environment more complex, may have to think of ways.

For example, wireless route antenna to do gain, some router antenna can be removed, you can consider the purchase of more powerful antenna to replace, can also use cans to hand-made antenna gain, this method is lower cost, but for some entry-level users have difficulty, but also affect the beautiful.

Method Two: Double-band wireless router with more antennas

Wireless routing has a single antenna, two antennas, three antennas and several antennas, in general, from a single antenna to a dual antenna to the three-day line, signal intensity is from weak to strong, of course, the price is from low to high, on average, single antenna without line from the starting price of dozens of yuan, dual antenna without line from the start hundred Yuan, Three antennas without a line from the starting price will be 200 yuan. In addition, the route also has a single frequency of the two-frequency division, frequency refers to a simple 2.4GHz frequencies, dual-frequency is the 2.4GHz and 5GHz two kinds of frequency, anti-interference ability is stronger, relatively speaking signal is also better.

Therefore, the simplest way is to consider switching to more antennas dual-band wireless router, but it should be explained that the general sense of the stronger the wireless signal, meaning that the more radiation, so this is not an optimal solution.

Method Three: Add the electric cat

The relatively general solution is to use the power of the cat to achieve, the power of the cat is through the wire to transmit the network signal equipment, is generally in pairs to sell. Earlier power cats did not have a dial-up function, and there is no built-in wireless module, and can not be used independently, need a router to use together, one is inserted in the vicinity of the router socket, from the router LAN port to lead a network cable connected to the power of the cat, the other can be inserted in a bad signal room, From this power cat can contact a wireless AP or no line from the AP, the signal must be full grid.

The latest power cat products, is built into the wireless module, and can be directly connected to the ADSL dial-up, in the original signal poor room can directly search for the wireless signal use of electric cats.

Electric power cat prices generally 200 yuan (a pair), if it is a built-in wireless module of the second generation of power cat products, the lowest price basic also want 260 yuan.

Method Four: Using the wireless extender

Wireless Extender is a device that relays wireless signals through wireless mode to a wireless router, in which the wireless extender can be placed in a relatively good middle position where the wireless extender relays after receiving a signal without a line. This can also receive stronger signals at a further point where the original signal is bad.

Wireless extender can be used to connect the notebook to set up, the first use need to search for no line by the pairing, later use can be automatically connected. Wireless extender price of about 300 yuan, the advantage is relatively simple, but access to too many devices, the disadvantage is that compatibility is not very high, can not ensure that 100% compatible with the original wireless router, in general, with the brand compatibility is not a problem, cross-brand may be affected.

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