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The beauty of the heart, people have. When you see beautiful, interesting pictures on the internet, a lot of people will keep them. But the traditional "picture Save as" way is very slow and cumbersome, if you encounter a ban on the right button site is more helpless. In fact, many browsers will provide a more convenient mapping function, the following 3 browser for example, to introduce you how fast, unrestricted save pictures.

Proud Tour 3 browser Fast Save Picture function is very simple, hold down the "Ctrl" key, in the need to save the picture on the left mouse button, you can save the picture. The quick Save feature is turned on by default and allows the user to manage this feature in menu-Options-page settings in the upper-right corner.

Proud Tour 3 Fast Save function can set the location of the picture, the user can either directly in the input box to save the picture location, or by the input box next to the "select path" to choose.

The source of the pictures is different, it will inevitably have the same name, need to rename the preservation. There are times when you need to replace a picture with the same name. Proud Tour 3 Quick Save provides a file save option with the same name, and users can choose from their own needs.

After doing these settings, saving the picture becomes a real "lift". See the right picture, just hold down CTRL, while the left mouse button on the picture, these pictures will obediently come to your hard drive, waiting for you to browse, especially the continuous preservation of a large number of pictures, the effect is more obvious.

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