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This paper introduces a relatively high-level portrait beautification method. Material picture is a bit dark, the author is not in a hurry to adjust the light, but the use of liquefied tools, such as the figure contour processing perfect. Then slowly brighten, polish and process the details. The external filter can be used in the grinding and noise reduction parts.

  Photoshop Tutorial artwork

Final effect

1, the arm liquefaction. The upper part of the arm was deformed because the model was too thin and the angle was shot. As shown in Figure 3. Here, use the "liquefaction" tool to adjust the position of the red frame of the image. Adjust the parameters and adjust the effect as shown in the figure.

Liquefaction index The best setting for this tutorial is mode: smooth, with a pressure size of 21.

2, the chin liquefaction. The chin is short in the original film, it needs to pull the chin forward and push upwards when liquefaction. As shown in the figure.

3, the specific operation: Use the "pen tool" to select the neck and chin part of the outline, use the shortcut key "Ctrl+enter" to convert the path to a selection, and do the appropriate liquefaction (the liquefaction value here is 1 pixels), perform the "liquefaction" command in the "Filter" menu, and liquefy the extra contour to the inside. The adjustment process is shown in the figure.

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