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Technet webcast:I/O scripter, away! -Level 200July 22,200 4

Description: The scripting guys and dr. scripto delve deep into the mysteries of input and output-and find that they're not so mysterious after all. In this webcast, number 4 In A 5-part series on introductory scripting, the Microsoft scripting guys walk you through practical examples of how to get information into and out of your scripts. these are fundamental techniques, essential to scripting in an IT environment.

Technet webcast:Scripting files and folders makes me happy-level 200 July 21,200 4

In this webcast, number 3 In A 5-part series, the Microsoft scripting guys help you get your feet wet, showing you how to use scripts to automatic generation of your file management tasks, with practical examples that will get you into the swim of things right away.

Technet webcast: WMI is not a four-letter word-level 200July 20,200 4

Description:WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is the 800-pound gorilla of system administration scripting on Microsoft Windows. In this webcast, part 2 In A 5-part series, the Microsoft scripting guys explain how to harness this powerful technology and use it to quickly and easily write your own system administration scripts. if all those acronyms and classes always seemed scary, you'll get to know and love them here.


Technet webcast: scripto-mania 101 with the scripting guys-Level 100July 19,200 4

  Description: So maybe you 've been saying to yourself, "yes, I 'd like to learn scripting, I want to know how to automate my system administration tasks, I 'd like to know all about WMI and ADSI and stuff like that. but I don't know where to begin. "Well how about right here, with Part 1 of a 5-part series-presented by the Microsoft scripting guys and dr. scripto-designed to take you from newbie to scripting whiz in one short week. this opening session sets the stage for the rest of the week. be ready to fire up cmd.exe and run some code.

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