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First, add a footer to the document "Henan primary and secondary school teachers Computer Test volume", centered arrangement. Set your own test number and name to the header


1. Click the View/Header and footer

2. Enter your own test number and name in the header, and enter "Henan Primary and secondary school teacher computer Test volume" in the footer.

3. Selected "Henan Province primary and secondary school teachers Computer Examination Volume", click Format/paragraph, in alignment, select "Center", click OK

Finally, double-click the left mouse button in the middle of the text block.

Second, the text to be edited will be displayed on a separate page

Step: 1. Position the cursor: Set the cursor at the beginning of the text that will be edited

2. Click insert/separator → select page break → OK

Three, indent the first line two characters

Step: 1. Position the cursor: Set the cursor in the first line

2. Click format/paragraph → Select a special format for "first line indent", the measure is "2 characters" → OK

Four, set the document page paper type is A4, the left and right margin is 3 centimeters, the upper and lower margin is 2 centimeters.

Steps: 1. Click the file/page setup → Click Paper type, choose paper type for A4 (16 open) → Click the margins, adjust the left and right margins of 3 cm, the top and bottom margins of 2 centimeters → OK

Note: In Page setup, you can select the Orientation: Portrait or landscape

Five, set the text of the title is bold second bold words, underlined, center arrangement, the background is blue.

Step: 1. Select title

2. Click the format/font----> select Chinese font is bold, bold font, font size is second, select underline----> OK

3. Click the format/paragraph----> select Alignment to center-----> OK

4. Click the format/Border and Shading------> Click Shading, and select fill color to blue----> OK

Six, set the text body content to imitation fourth number red word

Step: 1. Select text Body content

2. Click format/FONT----> select Chinese font is imitation, font size is fourth, font color is red----> OK

Seven, set the first line of the document hanging Word.

Step: 1. Position the cursor before the beginning of the first word

2. Click the format/drop cap-----> select suspension----> OK

Eight, set the document word spacing widens 2 points, the line spacing is fixed to 20 points

Step: 1. Select Document Body Text

2. Click format/FONT----> Click character Spacing, widen the spacing, and point to 2 points

3. Click format/Paragraph----> Click fixed value----> Set value in line spacing enter "20 points"----> click OK

Nine, the second paragraph of this article add emphasis on the number

Step: 1. Select the second paragraph of the text

2. Click format/FONT----> select emphasis---> Determine

Ten, the title plus bullets

Step: 1. Position the cursor in front of the caption

2. Click Format/Bullets and numbering-----> Optional Bullet----> determine

XI. copy the last paragraph of this article again.

Step: 1. Select the last paragraph of this article

2. Click edit/Copy (or click the right mouse button/copy on the selected text)

3. Positioning the cursor

4. Click edit/paste (or click the right mouse button/paste)

12. Insert text box below document, content is original document content, background is rain attendance.

Step: 1. Position cursor: Position the mouse below the document

2. Click Insert/text box/horizontal or vertical

3. Drag the mouse, underline the text box

4. Select the contents of the document, right-click/copy on the selected document

5. Position the cursor in the text box, right click/paste

6. Select the text box---> Click format/Text box----> click Color and Line/select fill Color/fill effect/gradient/preset, select preset color for rain attendance-----> OK

7. Select text box, resize and position

13. Insert a piece of clip art in the middle of the document so that the surrounding text is surrounded by a four-week pattern.

Step: 1. Positioning cursor: Clicking in the document with the mouse

2. Click insert/Picture/clip Art----> any clip art/Click Insert clip---> Close Clip Art window

3. Select Clip Art---> Click format/Picture---> Click layout/Selection around----> OK

4. Select clip Art and resize it; Drag clip art to adjust position.

14, in the middle of the document inserted a pentagram, the color is red, so that the surrounding text surrounded by tight type.

Step: 1. Click insert/Picture/AutoShape----> select Pentagram---> Close AutoShape window

2. Drag the mouse on the document to underline the pentagram

3. Select the pentagram----> click format/AutoShape-----> Click layout/Select compact----> click Color and Line/select fill color to red-----> OK

4. Select the pentagram, adjust the size; Drag the pentagram, adjust the position.

Inserts the WordArt in the middle of the document, which is the document title, so that it floats above the text.

Step: 1. Click insert/Picture/WordArt----> select WordArt style---> OK

2. In the dialog box that appears, enter the title of the document-------> determine

3. Select the WordArt and resize it; Drag WordArt to adjust position

16, another page, insert the following table.

Steps: 1. Insert page break, Position cursor to next page

2. Click the table/Insert/table to select the number of columns (5) and the number of rows (3) → OK

3. Select the form, click format → click borders and shading → Click borders → select → select "Top, bottom, left, right" on the preview and select "———" → Select the inner horizontal and vertical lines in the preview respectively → Click OK

⒋ Select the first cell, click table → click draw slash header → Select the table header style → Click OK

⒌ click view → click tables and borders in the tool bar (show table and Border toolbars in a window) → Select the cells you want to merge → Click Merge cells

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