Word document Enter English the first letter automatically becomes uppercase how to solve

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Word document Enter English the first letter automatically becomes uppercase how to solve? When editing a Word document, we often need to type in English, but the Word document capitalizes the first letter of the sentence when you enter it, and sometimes we don't want the initials to be uppercase, so how do you turn off the feature? Now the small series to Word2016 as an example and everyone to share the Word document input English when the first letter of the closing method of automatic capitalization, users can refer to the following method.

The specific methods are as follows:

1, Small series input an English word, the first letter will automatically capitalize. Click the "file" option in the upper-left corner of Word software;

2, after entering the file page, click on the left side of the page "Options" tab;

3, open the Word Set Options window, first click on the left side of the "proofing" option;

4. Next click the "AutoCorrect Options" in the proofing tab;

5, Next click on the "AutoCorrect" tab under the "first letter of the sentence" option, cancel this option check state, and then click "OK";

6, the next time you enter English words in Word, the first letter will not automatically capitalize.

If you encounter a Word document in English when the first letter is automatically capitalized, you can refer to the tutorial settings, after setting, the first letter entered will not be uppercase.

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