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For their company's documents stamped with the official seal or for their personal letter cover a personality seal, just keyboard mouse can be completed!

In the traditional sense, if you want to put a seal on a written document or a personal seal on an electronic document, it is necessary to have a seal or a personal seal. Today, we can save the trouble of carving a seal with a computer. Where to find the personal seal? Don't look for someone to carve! With a small free software "stamp production" can be done.

  Make the character "seal"

Below we take the production of "Huang Science and Technology AG contract special chapter" as an example, description of the stamp picture of the specific production process.

Select the basic shape of the stamp from the Options menu of the software. In this case, we choose to make the "oval chapter" (in addition, we also support the round, Fangzhang, diamond, triangular box effect).

Click the Outer box tab to set the outer border of the stamp, the center of the pentagram, the centerline, and so on (Figure 1).

Next, enter and place the content text. Through the "Text 1" tab, enter the word "Huang Technology ag", and in the left window on the text font, size, layout, etc. necessary is set. Then through the "Text 2" tab to enter the "contract special chapter" words, and the text font, size, layout, etc. to make the necessary settings.

Finally, the menu "file → everywhere for image" command (or with the shortcut key CTRL + a) will be a good stamp exported to the image file "Yellow contract special chapter." PNG "standby.

Tips: The software also includes flip, transparent, grayscale, relief, reverse phase, Gaussian blur, arbitrary angle rotation and other special effects. You can use it to make stamps of various shapes that contain any type of text or character. In addition, the stamp can use special fonts (such as seal, etc.), special fonts need to support the system font, you can download and install the library according to the needs of the font.

  Document stamped "Seal"

If we want to add to the WPS document just do the electronic chapter, the specific implementation of the following methods.

First open the already edited WPS document, click the menu "Insert → picture → from file" command, choose to insert a picture. Select the "Huang's contract special chapter" just generated. PNG "Picture file, click the" Open "button and insert the seal immediately.

In the WPS layout, select the picture you just inserted, activate the right-click menu on the picture, and choose Format object to format the picture.

Finally, the hierarchy of the stamp and body is set. In the pop-up window select the "Layout" item, change the wrapping style to "float above the text" (the effect of the seal) or "under the text" (the effect of the First Seal) (Figure 2).

At this point, the seal is complete, after the confirmation, you can see the seal effect under the layout

Warning! The software is limited to the authorized use of the official seal in the proper situation, or as a test technology and personal entertainment, the reader or user will not be used in the production of illegal occasions, otherwise the consequences.

The above is just an entertaining example of the electronic chapter of the production and use of the process. Another common approach to inserting a regular seal in a document is to scan the seal to form a picture file and then insert it into an electronic document, if the company authorizes it. However, if the official seal is locked up in the case, with the above method of emergency also can make sense, as long as the leadership authorized to do so.

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