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Word has a workaround that needs to be closed. you've never met. Microsoft Office Word has encountered a problem that needs to be turned off. We apologize for the inconvenience. Then there is a "resume my work and restart Microsoft Office Word" selection box, and send this issue to Microsoft. If you restart the selection, it is blank, and if you remove the selected "hook", it always loops through the dialog box. It's annoying. The key is that repairs and reinstallation are not working. Do you have to go crazy? # Follow the Microsoft Help information prompts to c:documents and settingsllgapplication datamicrosoftwordstartup files and C:Program FilesMicrosoft Officeoffice11startup inside the file first put on the desktop, a one back to see which file out of the problem, and then check the problem number. But it's useless, even some of the above two folders are simply empty folders. What do we do? Please look below:

One, may be the Normal.dot template damaged.

Normal.dot is an automatic save template, such as a Word document when the computer shuts down normally, and then start the computer Word will start the shutdown before the document saved, so that your loss to the lowest. (By the way, word defaults to 10 minutes automatically, we can go to "Tools/Options/Save", the automatic save interval is modified to 1 minutes, so that the abnormal shutdown caused by the loss of the document to a minimum.) )


1, delete the user name of the temp all files, office in your installation of backup files, empty all system diary information ... That is, delete the Normat.dot template file. That is, delete the G:documents and Settings username application Datamicrosofttemplatesnormal.dot file;

2, the beginning of the start, enter "winword/a" in the run can start Word, at this time will not be able to open the dialog box appears, the Word document saved, will be prompted to replace the Normal.dot, then word with the new template replace the damaged one, the choice is. So word can start correctly ...

Second, the registry may contain error messages for office, and the registry cannot be intelligently updated.


1, access to the Control Panel to add the removal program, Windows components, select a ditch to remove, determine, update, after entering the add removal program of Windows components, the ditch to restore ... Be sure.

The function is: when you add or remove Windows components, the system will automatically update the contents of the registry, the error message to delete, update. (Of course, Windows Optimizer Master's doctor program can also delete illegal registry information, but not the system itself.) )

2, confirm all above operation, you reinstall Office again.

Three, how, still can't finish? I have a trick here, and it's super simple.


Click Start, enter "winword/a" in the run to start Word, we open "Tools/Options/General", find "Open update automatically link" This option, see the front of the selection box in the check? Just take it off. Save exit. Reboot try, everything's fine, ok!!

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