Word Frequency statistics (second week)

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New feature requirements:

1. small file input. Enter the command under Console.

2. Support command line input file name of English works.

Some core code:

Structure definition:

Defines a struct to hold the number of read words and their statistics.

struct addup{    char word[];    int count;} R;     

Read text:

       Char temp[]; R fin[10000]={"",0Char file[]; Fflush (stdin); Gets (file); Fp=freopen (file,"R", stdin);            

Word Matching:

For each word read, compare the number of previously accessed words in the struct, and if they are the same, update the array if they are different.

while (!feof (FP)) {fscanf (FP), "%s" ,TEMP); Q=strlen (temp); N++for (I=0;i<n;++i ") Span style= "color: #0000ff;" >if (strcmp (fin[i].word,temp) ==0) {fin[i].count++< Span style= "color: #000000;" >; N--breakif (I>=n) {strcpy (fin[n- 1].word,temp); Fin[n-1].count++      

Punctuation Determination:

The read string is measured in characters and removed.

for (I=0;i<q;i++if (Temp[i]== , ' | | Temp[i]== ' . "| | Temp[i]== ' ? "| | Temp[i]== ' ! "| | Temp[i]== '   ) Temp[i]= ' \0 ;}  

Bubble Sort:

For (i=0;i<n;i++) for          (j=0;j<n-i;j++if (fin[j].count<fin[j+1].count) {ls [0]=fin[j+1]; fin[j+1]=fin[j]; fin[j]=ls[0      

Output Result:

  if (m!=1)
printf ("Total%d words\n\n", m);
else printf ("Total 1 word\n\n");
for (i=0;i<n;i++) {printf ("%s: ", Fin[i].word); s=0; for (j=0;j<fin[i].count;++j) s++; printf ("%d times ", s); printf ("\ n");}

Operation Result:

Function 1:

Function 2:

PSP Table

Analysis requirements, design 15:20 15:30 0 10
Coding Realize 15:30 16:20 0 50
Document Program Description, essay 23:40 0:05 0 25
Discuss Program improvements -- -- --


Planning 12%
Development 59%
Reporting 29%

Word Frequency statistics (second week)

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