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When writing a paper, usually at the end of the paper labeled references, generally in the reference before the mark [1], [2] and so on, and in the paper in different places there will be a lot of digital superscript, each digital superscript corresponds to a reference to the paper, such as reference 1 corresponding digital superscript [1], Reference 2 corresponds to the digital superscript [2], [3-4] corresponding to references 3 and 4 etc.

If the reference more, to the body of a manual change in numbers for superscript, is time-consuming and laborious, in fact, through "find replacement" to complete the batch, the following in the Word2007 processing to introduce the setting method, Friends who use Word2003 or WPS2009 words can also use the same method to complete the process.

Open the body of the paper in Word2007, it contains a number of numbers that need to be labeled as superscript, press Ctrl+f to open the Find and Replace dialog box, enter "[*]" in Find what, and then click the "More >>" button to open the Advanced search option and check "use wildcard characters". Click "Highlight All" under the "Read Highlight" button and click "Find in Items" arrow and select "Main Document", and you will find that all the numbers in the body that need to be labeled correspond to references are highlighted (Figure 1).

Next you can click on the "format" below the dialog box, select "Font", then check "superscript", or directly click on the Word2007 toolbar "X2" or directly press the ctrl+shift+ shortcut, you will find all the numbers have become superscript (Figure 2). The bulk set callout is so simple that it avoids the hassle of manually modifying one to the superscript.

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