Word2003 Add or remove shadows for AutoShapes

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Word2003 Add or remove shadows for AutoShapes? How to set the stereo effect for the monotonous AutoShape, presumably everyone is worried about it. Three-dimensional effect can make the performance more rich, at present can be set by the shadow of the way the object has a stereo effect. Here is a brief introduction to the next shadow of the addition and cancellation.


Open the Word document.

Left click "AutoShapes" in the lower left-hand corner, select a graphic in the options that appear (we choose a graphic in "Star and Banner"). At the same time we click the left mouse button and drag, you can draw the shape of the star.

Click the Shadow button on the Drawing toolbar.

In the shaded list that pops up, click one of the shadow effects you want.

Tip: Some drawing objects, such as lines, clip art, and so on, can only use a few shades.

For a graphic that adds a shadow effect, you can click Shadow settings to modify its performance with the Shadow Settings toolbar. You can also use it to remove shadows.

Another way to remove a shadow is to: In the Shadow list, click No Shadow.

Tip: Once you click the Nudge Shadow button, you can move the shadow one pixel, and hold down the SHIFT key to move it six pixels at a time.

The above is Word2003 for AutoShapes Add or Remove Shadow method introduction, the operation is very simple, we have learned? I hope this article can help!

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