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When we make a form in a Word document, we usually often encounter the position of the table to change, then need to move the table, we can not be reproduced, there is a situation, you may want to do the same form multiple, then you do not need to do one by one, you just copy and paste to achieve, Let's say the Word2003 document moves and copies the contents of the table.

One, Move table method

Moving the table is actually very simple, you just move the mouse to the top left of the table, then the mouse icon will become a "four arrows" icon, and then hold the left mouse button, and then drag the table to the location you want to move to the position on it.

Second, quick copy form

Copying the table is also simpler, the method is similar to the above, just hold down the left mouse button while holding down the ALT key on the keyboard, and then drag the table, so that the table copied over, simple.

If you feel that the above main text expression is still not quite clear, then look at the following GIF animation demo, this is more intuitive to let you understand the Word2003 document to move and copy the table, animation steps as follows:

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