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Table AutoFormat

Methods: Table-Table AutoFormat

Second, draw a diagonal table head

Method: Table-Draw Slash header

There are five types of header styles, respectively:

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Three, Word table sorting

Word2003 can sort the table contents by strokes, numbers, dates, and pinyin. There are two ways to implement a sort:

You can quickly finish sorting by positioning the cursor in the column to sort by, and then clicking the Ascending or Descending button on the table and Border toolbar.

Method Two: Select the Sort command on the Table menu, and in the Sort dialog box that appears, you can set the primary and secondary basis for sorting in detail.

If the table contains a header (Word calls it title) and the user has not yet set it as a caption, select the header row option to ensure that the title does not participate in the sort.

To set the header row, position the cursor in the row that you want to use as the caption, and then click the header row Repeat command under the Table menu, which is considered the header row of the table. In this case, the header row and no header row options in the Sort dialog box are grayed out to indicate that you are not currently available.

Simple calculation of Word form

In Word2003 tables, simpler arithmetic and function operations can be performed. You use the formula command on the Table menu or the Auto Sum button on the Tables and Borders toolbar.

1. Sum the columns

① Create a numeric form, note that the sum must be blank, and confirm that the table is entered with a standard number, and the blank part is replaced with 0.

② position the cursor in the bottom blank wait for the sum of the cell.

③ Click the Auto Sum button in the table and border control tool.

④ move to the next column, click the Auto Sum button.

⑤ repeats the action of step 4 above and sums the other columns.

★ After formula calculation for a cell, do not do anything, immediately enter the cell that needs to copy the formula, press the F4 key to quickly copy the formula.

2, to the line sum

① Click the blank cell that will be summed.

② Execute the formula command on the Table menu and bring up the Formula dialog box.

③ sets the formula to sum the left (the above of which can be replaced by the right).

④ If you do not want to use the default number format, you can set the number format separately.

⑤ Click OK.

⑥ moves to the remaining blank columns, repeating steps 3 through 5, or pressing the F4 key to sum the remaining rows.

3, update the results of the calculation

Sometimes we have to make changes to the data in the table, so we need to update the results. We could not manually change the results of the calculation, we can select the entire table, press the F9 key, or right-click, click Update Field on the shortcut menu to update the entire calculation.

4. Simple arithmetic operation

Word can help you do this simple operation when you need a simple data-processing result.

① Click where you want the results of the operation to be placed in the document.

② Select the table/Formula command.

③ Enter the formula to be calculated. A generic formula can be used to refer to a cell, such as a cell = (A4+B3) *2, that is, the 4th row of the first column plus the 3rd row of the second column and multiply by 2. The number of columns in a table can be represented by a, B, C, D, etc., and the number of rows is represented by 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.

④ Select the number format you want.

⑤ Click OK, you can see the results of the operation appear in the appropriate position.

5. Use simple function

① Click where you want the results of a function operation in your document.

② executes the table/Formula command.

③ from the "Paste Function" section, select the function you want (certainly, if Word has its own function).

④ the parentheses in the formula above to fill in the values that need to be calculated.

⑤ Select the number format.

⑥ Click OK, get the result of the operation.

Form making

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