Word2007 documents automatically add a directory full raiders

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1, the entire text for typesetting processing;

2, first first level of the title selected, and then click the Toolbar "font" before the "text" Drop-down menu, select "Heading 1";

3. A black dot appears before this line, indicating that the row has been set as a directory entry (the front black dots will not be printed);

4, the paragraph, the font settings, until satisfied;

5, the cursor on the screen just now, and then point the format of the toolbar brush, all of the text needs to be set as a first-level title of all the same format brush;

6, in accordance with the 2-5 steps are now in the text of the 2, 3-class ... Set up sequentially;

7, the cursor placed in the text need to place the directory location, click on the menu "insert"-"index and table of contents" in the "directory" option to set the appropriate, you can not modify, directly using the default value, determine.

8, this time the directory will be automatically generated;

9, to the directory for the font, font size, and so on, can be selected to modify the directory, select the note, do not directly click on the directory, and the mouse on the left side of the table of contents, the cursor into an empty arrow when clicked, the entire directory will be selected for modification. If you only want to modify a row, place the cursor at the end of the line, and then drag the selection forward;

10, if there is a change in the title of the article, you can change the finished, in the generated directory point right, click on the Right menu "update Field", modified in the directory will be automatically modified

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