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We often encounter this situation, the last page only a few lines or even a few words, but still need to occupy a full page of space. It is not only a waste of paper, but also a good layout. How can you put the extra part of the text into the front page?

In Word2007 page layout, in the paragraph group, click the extended arrow in the lower-right corner, a dialog box with a paragraph setting pops up. In the line break and pagination item, tick widow and orphan control and determine. (Figure 1)

Widows and orphans, as the name suggests, is to show only the last line of a paragraph at the top of the page, or to display only the first line of a paragraph at the bottom of the page, which is what you should avoid in a professional document. After the introduction of the expert settings, there will be no longer widows and orphans hanging in the last single page of the phenomenon.

But more often, it's not just widows and orphans that haunt us. In the face of redundant lines of text, delete is not, often need to manually adjust paragraph spacing, margin, etc., although not difficult, but quite troublesome. In fact, there is a tool for automatic adjustment in Word.

Right-click the Word2007 menu bar location and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar. Then select the command from the Print Preview tab location in the Drop-down menu and locate the "reduce one page" command in the content area on the left, and double-click to add to the custom Quick Access Toolbar area on the right (Figure 2).

At this point, we will find that the Word2007 in the upper left corner of the Quick Access Toolbar has a button, each click Word will automatically adjust the font size, word spacing, segment spacing until the appropriate position, so as to reduce the effect of one page. Is it convenient?

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