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In the old version of Word software to browse and edit the number of pages of long documents more cumbersome, in order to find and view specific content, not desperately scrolling the mouse wheel is frequently drag scroll bar, waste a lot of time. WORD2010 specifically for long documents added the "Navigation Pane", not only for long documents easy "navigation", but also a very accurate and convenient search function.

How to open the Navigation pane of Word2012

Open a more-than-long document in Word2010, click the View page card on the Ribbon menu bar to select the Navigation Pane in the display area of the view Ribbon to open the Navigation Pane on the left side of the Word2010 edit window.

Diagram: Opens the Word2012 Navigation Pane in the Ribbon ribbon

Word2010 New Document navigation features navigation with title navigation, page navigation, search navigation, you can easily find, navigate to the paragraph or specific object you want to look up.

Word2012 Navigation Pane title navigation, page navigation, search navigation buttons

Title Navigation

WORD2012 Document title navigation is similar to the Document Map in the previous version of Word, but it is much simpler to operate. When we open the Navigation pane of Word2010, click on the leftmost "Browse your document title" button to navigate to document title navigation. For long documents that contain hierarchical headings, Word2010 intelligently analyzes the document and lists all the document headings in the Navigation Pane hierarchically, as long as the title is clicked, and the related paragraphs are automatically positioned.

Right-click the title, we can see from the right-click menu more rich operation features, such as upgrade, demote, insert a new title or subtitle in the specified location, delete (title), select the title content, print the title content, all expand, all collapsed, specify the display heading level, and so on, We can quickly and easily switch to the desired location and adjust the content of the article title.

For example, we can choose "Collapse all" to fold the outline hierarchy to hide the nested headings, so that you can work easily with a document map even with complex, long documents with deep structures. Click on the small black triangle to easily look at the different levels of headings and nested headings. We can also use the mouse to easily drag the document title in the Navigation Pane, rearrange the document structure.

Page navigation

Click the "view pages in your document" button in the middle of the Navigation Pane. You can switch document navigation to document page navigation, and Word2010 lists document pagination as thumbnails on the Navigation Pane, as long as you click a paging thumbnail to navigate to the related page lookup.

Search Navigation

Word2010 In addition to the document title and page way to navigate, you can also navigate by keyword search, click the "Browse your current search results" button (rightmost) on the Navigation Pane, and then enter the search keyword in the text box, and the Navigation Pane lists the navigation blocks that contain the keywords. The mouse will also display the corresponding number of pages and titles, click the search results navigation block can quickly navigate to the relative location of the document.

Tips: We Press "ctrl+f" search key combination, in fact, you can quickly open the Word2010 Navigation Pane.

If the number of search results is too large, the Navigation Pane will not display the specific search results navigation block, but the text tells the user can click on the right Triangle small button to query the previous one or the next search results.

In Word2010 search navigation, we can also search and navigate specific objects. such as graphics, tables, formulas, annotations, and so on. You can quickly find graphics, tables, formulas, and annotations in a document by clicking the arrow button on the right side of the search box, and selecting the options below in the Find column from the right-click menu. The function is powerful and convenient.

The Navigation pane of the

Word2010 provides rich navigation and search capabilities, each has characteristics: the title navigation hierarchy, flexible control, but must set a long document at all levels of the title, particularly hungry for papers and other requirements of a long document; Easy and quick navigation, but only to the relevant pages, accuracy is not high; search navigation can be searched and navigated for keywords and specific objects, but the results are accurate, but if there are more objects in the document, "two lookups" is required. We can make full use of Word2010 's "Navigation Pane" and its rich functional characteristics, combined with their actual needs, integrated use of several navigation methods. If you often edit some of the more complex long documents, try the Word2010 "Navigation Pane" for you to accurately "navigate" and quickly review and locate specific paragraphs, pages, text, and objects.

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