Word2013 Chinese double quotes how to automatically replace English double quotes

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Of course, through the selection of double quotes, and then modify the font for the song Body (Chinese text) to solve, but this will always bring some trouble to the work, but also easy to forget to modify, the following article on the Word2013 input Chinese double quotes automatically replace the double quotes in two ways.

  Word double quotation mark substitution method One, change template file

1. Open or create a new word blank document with Word2013, right-click the Normal style in the style bar, and choose Modify.

2. In the open window, click New document based on this template.

3, click "Format"--> "Font", open the Font Settings dialog box.

4, the "Western Font" modified to "song body."

5, then click two times "OK" on the OK, try the double quotes is not okay.

  Word double quote substitution method Two: Using shortcut keys

When using Word2013, to enter Chinese quotes, press and hold: shift+ comma, and then in quotes, enter the Chinese quotation marks.

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