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the steps for word2013 the subtraction table are as follows:

Step One: First we turn on running the word2013 software (which is a suite of office packages for Microsoft Windows Window System, a new generation of software packages after Microsoft Office 2010);

Step two: We now try to make a table, click on the left corner of the "insert" in the table to select how many rows we need, how many columns, free choice;

Step three: The following I do a case, that is, to find the maximum and the minimum value of the difference, see the figure below;

Step four: Then we point to the position where we put the difference, see the menu bar has a "layout", click, you can see a formula on the right, continue to point "formula";

Step five: Pop-up a Formula dialog box, the first line is let us enter the formula, the default formula statistics, the total number of calculations;

Step Six: I'm more specific, the Word table and Excel table in the row and column is the same, that is, A1, A2, A3 ... B1, B2, B3 ... For this we have to analogy, the reason is the same, just show the way is different, the following we in the first line of formula input: =A2-B2 Click OK

Step Seven: The software automatically gives the difference between the maximum and the minimum value, that is 19-5=14, the second line is the same;

Step eight: Add a bit, if you change the maximum or minimum data, only select all (shortcut key CTRL + a), right-click-Update field-you can

Step nine: If the subtraction is the same reason, just need to enter the formula when the symbol: + 、-、 *,/

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