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The steps for word2013 in batches are as follows:

Step One: First open the word2013 software, open the document, we see the following figure, for example: Area a=4600x105m2, the back of the square meters are not superscript, however, because of work negligence or other reasons, no superscript "2", we need to the number 2 all superscript;

Step two: Below we first press the Ctrl+h shortcut, that is, the Find and Replace dialog box, you can see 3 options Let us choose that is: Find-replace-positioning;

Step three: To be clear, to replace the target, first go to find, according to find the content to replace, nonsense more say, click "Find", and in the "Find content" input "m2", then do not point to determine oh;

Step four: Then we see a dialog box "find in the following items", dot it, then we see that it has 2 choices, the current selection, the main document, now we select the "main Document" item, it will be in the full text of the search (PS: The current selection → for your choice of scope to search);

Step five: After clicking the lookup, we can see that there are 4 items in the document, that is, 4 m2;

Step six: The next step is the most critical, a lot of friends are stuck in this step, can not be accurately replaced, the following we "find the content" will m delete, click "Find in the following items", select "Current Selection", the software will automatically find in the area of all "2";

Step Seven: Then we just click "Replace", click "More", click "Format", click "Font", in the text format inside find a check box, click on;

Step eight: After the completion, we see the content to replace the format into superscript format, now click Replace All, point OK, you can see the article all the square meters of 2 all superscript, so far, find replacement work completed.

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