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   The steps for inserting headers and footers on any page are as follows:

Step One: First open the document you want to edit with word2013, position the cursor to the top of the page where you want to insert the header and footer, as shown in the following illustration:

Step two: Switch to the page Layout tab, find the "separator-next page", as shown in the following figure, click on the previous page will be more than a blank page;

Step three: Under the Insert tab, locate the header, click, and then select the header style you want, using the common style example, as shown in the following illustration:

Step four: Select a good style and click, will automatically switch to the "Design" tab, click "Link to the previous header", will be canceled, before and after the cancellation of the effect shown in the following figure:

Step five: After the link is canceled, you can enter the header text you want. When you need to insert a footer, click Go to Footer, and also cancel "link to previous header," as shown in the following figure:

Step six: In the "page number" drop-down option, we can set the page number format and page number position, etc., to meet the requirements of the paper, as shown in the following figure:

Step seven: After setting the header and footer, click "Close Header and footer" on the right, as shown in the following figure:

Step eight: After the above steps are completed, use the "backspace key" or "delete" delete the extra blank page, if accidentally delete errors, you can click "undo" or "ctrl+z" undo operation. The completion effect is shown in the following illustration:

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