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   The steps to make a flowchart are as follows:

Step one: first hit as long as there is a profile, need a few steps, the relationship between the various steps, in the mind to have a preliminary plan, calculate well, probably need 8 rectangular box, several arrows, the flowchart is really a bit complicated!

Step Two: Open the word 2013 software, click the "Insert" button, in the illustration ribbon, click "Shape", select the shape we want to insert, we choose "Rounded Rectangle" here

Step Three: Right-click on the inserted shape and choose Format Shape in the right-click menu

Step four: The "Format Shape panel" appears on the right side of the interface, and we set the fill color and line weight of the shape

Step five: Because we need to enter text in the shape, so we need to put the shape under the text, we select and click the shape, the mouse in the menu to "put to the bottom", in the Subordinate menu, select "Lined with text"

Step Six: We right-click on shape-formatted shapes, select the Copy command,

Step Seven: Then at the work area, right-click, select "Paste" command, select "Preserve original Format" in the Paste option, and paste the other seven shapes we need at a time

Step Eight: We double-click the mouse inside the shape, and after the cursor appears, enter the text we want to enter.

Step nine: After the input is complete, we still click on the "Insert" menu, in the illustration ribbon, click "Shape", select the appropriate arrow shape we choose to indicate the relationship between the steps, and then insert the corresponding arrow

Step Ten: Select all the inserted arrows, and then set the shape formatting to set the arrow color and Width

Step 11: After all the above, select all the shapes, right-click on the shape, in the right-click menu, point to "combination" in the subordinate menu, choose "Combination"

Step 12: The final effect is shown in the following figure

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