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   The steps for making a three-dimensional effect chart are as follows:

Step one: First of all to insert a picture we will make three-dimensional effect, two steps ahead of us to explain briefly

Step Two: Open the Word software, then click "Insert" in the menu bar, and then select the picture

Step three: Click on the "Picture" tool, you will open the Browse Picture dialog box, find our pictures, and then insert into the Word document, prepare to complete

Step four: Click on the picture, and then on the menu bar will appear on the image of the "format", click on the format, and then click the picture style inside the formatting button, as shown in the following figure

Step five: After you click the Format Shape button, the "Format Picture" list appears on the right side of the word tutorial, where we can choose to set various picture effects

Step Six: Here we want to do a three-bit effect of the picture, select "Three-dimensional format", concrete and have two kinds of big effect can let us choose "Top Bevel" and "bottom bevel", their approximate difference we can see from its preview effect, small weave here Select "Top Bevel", then have many concrete effect, Choose the effect we like

Step Seven: After choosing our favorite style, the picture in the document will have three-dimensional effect, the height and width after the top bevel will be changed to the current value of the effect we selected

Step eight: If we are not satisfied with the current effect, then we can modify the "top bevel" after the height and width of the value, so that the three-dimensional effect of the picture better, such as small series here to change the larger, so the effect is more obvious than before

Step nine: Close the format Picture tool, keep the document, if we want to save this picture, for 2010 and 2013 version of Word so you can directly on the image of the right button, the two pictures save as, the last choice to save the local, other versions of Word may need to use other tools screenshots to achieve

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