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   To set the leading method:

Step One: Ctrl + A Select all the documents, and then click the menu Bar-start-paragraph, the Red Box marker button in the following figure.

Step Two: Eject the paragraph interface, we can set line spacing, can be single spacing or other, you can fill in the exact value, such as 20 pounds (repeatedly try to find the law).

Step three: First place the cursor in the first row of the next paragraph, or you can select the paragraph, right-click, paragraph, and also appear the paragraph settings interface.

Step Four: We select a suitable value after the paragraph before: like 0.5 lines. When you are sure, you see an effect that differs from other segments.

Step five: The cursor moved to the end of the line, "force" plus a carriage return, the next row do not space, at this time, the default is to think that this is two different paragraphs. The cursor is positioned on the previous line to set the paragraph spacing.

Step Six: Randomly enter a suitable value, after determining, see the effect.

  How to set line spacing two:

Step one: For example, there are documents as shown in the following illustration.

Step Two: Ctrl + a Select all documents or use the mouse to choose the contents of the document.

Step three: On the Start tab, click the Paragraph Launcher button or right-click to select paragraph.

Step Four: Open the Paragraph dialog box, in the Indent and Spacing tab, we can set the line spacing, can be single spacing or other, you can fill in the exact value, such as 30 points.


Single spacing: The most common type, typically by default for this type of spacing.

1.5 Times spacing: line spacing is 1.5 times times that of single spacing.

Twice spacing: line spacing is twice times that of single spacing.

Minimum value: The minimum line spacing that can contain the largest font or graphic in the bank.

Fixed value: Sets fixed line spacing (in points).

Multiple spacing: Allows you to set any multiple for each line leading to single spacing.

Step five: In the Paragraph dialog box, we can also adjust the spacing between segments and enter the appropriate values before or after paragraphs.

Step six: After the line spacing and paragraph spacing are set, click OK.

Step Seven: The effect is shown in the following figure.

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