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to set the horizontal printing method one:

Step one: Open the document that needs to be printed, click "File" in the upper right corner

Step two: Under the file to find "print", click "Print"

Step three: Select a printer

Step four: Find "Portrait" below

Step Five: Click Modify to select "Landscape"

Step Six: You can see the preview of the page on the right side of the page

Step Seven: If you need to set the margins and so on, you can click "Page Setup" below

Step Eight: You can also set the orientation of the page to print here

To set the horizontal printing method two:

Step one: Suitable for users who are not too adaptable to the new interface of WPS text. First open your WPS text software and open the document you are about to print, and make the document that needs to be printed properly formatted until the layout meets your requirements.

Step two: Move the mouse to the WPS software in the upper left corner of "WPS text", click on the back of the folding small triangle, Open submenu items.

Step three: Select File in the Expanded submenu, and then continue to select Page Setup to enter the Page Setup dialog box.

Step four: In the Page Setup dialog box, select "Page Distance", then select "Direction", select "Portrait" in the direction.

Step five: After the selection is good, you can continue to set the number of pages that need to be printed vertically, the scope of application. All set, finally click on the bottom right corner of the OK button, it can be.

Step Six: Then move the mouse to the WPS software in the upper left corner of "WPS text", but not click the rear folding small triangle, but click "wps Text", expand its submenu, and select "Print Preview."

Step seven: In the print preview interface to see whether the page meets your printing requirements, not satisfied then return to modify to meet your requirements. If satisfied, click the Print Preview button next to the WPS text in the upper-left corner, select Print, and then select Print after expansion to print.

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