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   The steps to translate English into Chinese are as follows:

Step one: As shown in the following figure, there is an article in English, which we are going to translate into Chinese

Step Two: Click "Audit" in the menu bar, open the Audit related toolbar, click "Language", in the open language tools we can see translation and language tools

Step three: We will first set the translation options, we are in English, translated into Chinese, so we have to do the following

Click Translate, open the translation menu, then select "Choose a language to convert"

Step four: In the open translation Language options, the default setting is to translate the current language into English, so this is not in line with our requirements

Step five: Change the "Select translation ScreenTip language" to "Chinese (Chinese)", change the language of the "Select Document translation Language" to "English (United States)" and translate it to "Chinese (China)", as shown in the following figure, and then click the "OK" button at the bottom right after you complete these settings.

Step six: After completing the above settings, select the translation document (English (United States) to Chinese (China)).

Step Seven: Click the "Translation document (English (United States) to Chinese (China)"), will pop up the following network security prompt box, here do not bother, directly click the "Send" button

Step Eight: Click Send, will automatically send the contents of the document to Microsoft's website, and open online translation of the Web page, automatically help us translate to Chinese, we can copy the content of the Web page to save in the Word document, or directly online to see

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