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Word 2013 has many new features that provide more and more convenience to our office people, and today we share an interesting dynamic date and time presentation, in other words, the way to insert dynamic dates and times in a word2013 document. About this so-called dynamic date and time is with your computer date and time is synchronized, can follow the system update and update, I believe many people will be inserted in the document date and time, manual input, who will not? But what should you do if you need to insert a dynamic date or time? Next, let's learn how to insert dates and times in Word2013.

The specific steps are as follows:

1. Open a document with Word2013, position the cursor where we need to insert the date, and switch to the Insert tab, and now select the date and Time command in the Text option group.

2, there will be a "date and Time" dialog box, we can choose according to their own needs of "available formats" and "language", and whether "use Full-width symbols" and "Automatic Updates", and then click the "OK" button. For example, we now select the Chinese, the fifth in the format, and tick the Automatic Updates check box, and click the OK button.

3, now, our date has been inserted to complete, it will not change it? Let's take a look at the results below.


Simply put, the dynamic date that we are inserting now is the date in our computer system, which will be automatically updated with the computer system. Of course, we can also according to their own needs in the document to insert specific time, in the "Available formats" Select the appropriate time format.

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