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As my PHP website has more and more visits to blog development and more comments, Wordpress has more and more visits to blog development and comments as Wordpress does not have the filtering function, wordpress spam comments are getting more and more spam comments because Wordpress messages do not have the filtering function. I have been thinking about how to make Wordpress correct to prevent spam comments from being incorrectly filtered, I have always wanted to use the anti-spam comments plug-in Akismet that comes with Wordpress, but it does not give up because it requires a registration code and does not recognize spam messages, in the end, I decided to use the Wordpress anti-spam comment plug-in Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress, which prevents spam comments by adding a comment verification code. The following describes how to use it in detail.

In Wordress, spam messages and comments are generally caused by automatic comments by the messaging robot. in addition to background review, Wordpress comments generally do not have a filtering mechanism, so that Wordpress has the anti-spam comment function, you need to use the Wordpress anti-spam comment plug-in. Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress mainly filters out the comment verification code by adding it, which is very convenient.

  Wordpress anti-spam comment plug-in Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress User Guide

1. download Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress. please download the appropriate Si-Captcha-For-wordpress plug-in based on your Wordpress version because there are multiple versions.

2. decompress the WordPress anti-spam plug-in Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress and place it in the wp-content/plugins/directory.

3. log on to the wordress management background, click the plug-in menu, and find the Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress plug-in and enable it.

4. click SI Captcha settings under the plug-in menu. the following basic configuration information is displayed:

WordPress anti-spam comment plug-in Si-Captcha configuration interface

  Anti-spam comment plug-in Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress basic configuration instructions:

1. on the SI Captcha configuration page, first inform them of the instructions. Your Wordpress topic must have


The code is in comments. php. generally, Wordpress themes are available. if not, add them manually. Note: By default, this code is stored at the end of the FORM, that is, under textarea, which may cause page occlusion and other problems. we recommend that you copy this code to textarea or where you think it is appropriate.

2. in the SI Captcha configuration interface, the default Captcha difficulty level is set to medium by default, which is prone to the problem of Wordpress comment verification code identification confusion. we recommend that you change it to Low.

III. Wordpress anti-spam comment plug-in Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress provides the comment verification code reading function by default in addition to the graphical comment verification code. you can remove this function in Captcha Options as needed, we recommend that you select enable smaller size Captcha Image to provide a better user experience.

5. Click Advanced Configuration. the SI Captcha advanced configuration page is displayed.

WordPress anti-spam comment plug-in Si-Captcha advanced configuration

  WordPress anti-spam comment plug-in Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress advanced configuration instructions: Provides CSS style settings and text label style settings for the comment verification code. you can redefine the CSS style or text label style of the verification code as needed, I changed the default verification code label to the verification code (required ).

At this point, the Wordpress anti-spam comment plug-in Si-Captcha-For-Wordpress has been described. In fact, it is very simple to prevent spam comments by adding verification codes to Wordpress comments. If you have the ability to add a common verification code to the Wordpress comment form, you can also implement similar functions. If you have a better Wordpress anti-spam plug-in or program, please leave a message.

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