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  • 2.1 create an ABC for a WordPress topic
  • 2.2. WordPress skills
  • 2.3. WordPress directory
  • 3.4. WordPress navigation menu
  • 2.4. Use WordPress as CMS
  • 2.5. WordPress Comment Function
  • 2.6. WordPress headers, footers, and sidebars
  • 2.7. Web 2.0 Integration
  • 2.8. WordPress Style
  • 2.9. WordPress Seo
  • 2.10. WordPress feeds Function
  • 2.11. Working with featured posts
  • 2.12. Use the custom content area
  • 2.13. Other tutorials

This is a list of WordPress development resources from smashing magazine, covering WordPress tutorials, woredpress theme development, customization, WordPress directories and navigation menus, as well as various development resources such as WordPress CMS applications. This article is divided into two parts. This is the first part.

1. Practical Resources

The WordPress help Sheet

This is a single-page PHP code fragment set for WordPress topic development.

The advanced WordPress help Sheet

The WordPress help form in the previous section is in the advanced version.

Huge compilation of WordPress code

Code snippets for various functions

WordPress template tag Reference Guide

Reference to WordPress template tags used during TOPIC Development

Unraveling the secrets of WordPress 'comments. php file

Exploring WordPress comments. php

48 unique ways to use WordPress

48 unique WordPress applications

Theme switcher reloaded

Display multiple WordPress Themes

2. WordPress tutorial

2.1 create an ABC for a WordPress topic

Designing for WordPress

CSS skills written by Chris coyier

Developing a WordPress theme

WordPress development tutorial

How to Create a WordPress theme from scratch

WordPress development tutorial from scratch

How to Create WordPress Themes from scratch-Part 1

Development of WordPress Themes from scratch-Part 1

How to Create WordPress Themes from scratch-Part 2

Development of WordPress Themes from scratch-Part 1

Dissection of a WordPress theme-Part 1,Part 2,Part 3,Part 4

Describes in detail the composition of a WordPress topic and how to create a WordPress topic.

So you want to create WordPress Themes huh?

Excellent WordPress topic creation series tutorials

From XHTML/CSS to WordPress

Convert the XHTML/CSS of an existing website into a WordPress topic

2.2. WordPress skills

WordPress theme hacks

Some code and Skills Used in WordPress theme development

Mastering your WordPress theme hacks and Techniques

Another WordPress theme development skill Series

The most desired WordPress hacks: 11 common requests and fixes

In-depth analysis and skills of WordPress custom data, menus, directories, authors, and other content

2.3. WordPress directory

Removing several categories from the loop in WordPress

Sometimes, if you want to transfer some posts from a specific directory, this tutorial will teach you how to do

Displaying WordPress categories in a horizontal dropdown menu

Use CSS and JavaScript to create a WordPress directory Navigation System

3.4. WordPress navigation menu

Creating two-tiered conditional navigation in WordPress

Create a WordPress advanced navigation menu

Using sliding doors with WordPress navigation

Use this popular navigation menu system in WordPress Themes

2.4. Use WordPress as CMS

How to Use WordPress as a Membership Directory

How to Use Wordpress to create a member directory system

Using a WordPress page as your homepage

In some projects, you may want to use a static webpage instead of the latest blog article list as the homepage of your blog site. This article teaches you how to implement

Build a dynamic design portfolio with WordPress

Create a WordPress-based product display website

2.5. WordPress Comment Function

Hack together a user contributed feed with WordPress comments

How to combine WordPress comments with user feeds

Adding Form validation to WordPress comments using jquery

Use jquery to verify the WordPress Comment Form

How to highlight author comments in WordPress

Comment on the landlord highlighted

How to separate WordPress comments and trackbacks

Separate the pingback and trackback parts from the comments for a more clean structure.

How to add gravatars to WordPress Themes

Displays a level icon for the reviewer

2.6. WordPress headers, footers, and sidebars

Client friendly WordPress Themes: header. php

If you design a topic for the customer, you can customize the header part.

Simple Random header image for your blog

Dynamically change the image in the header part

Creating a widget-ready footer in WordPress

Reserve widget space in the footer part of WordPress

Mashing up feeds using Yahoo Pipes

Use Yahoo pipes to display multiple blog posts on the same side

How to install domtabs on WordPress

Display the domtab label group on the WordPress side bar

WordPress sidebar turned apple-flashy using jquery UI

Using jquery to implement side entries in the Apple style

2.7. Web 2.0 Integration

Creating a life-stream and social media hub

Use Wordpress to create personal websites and integrate your social media network accounts, such as Twitter, Digg, stumbleupon, and Flickr.

Create a YouTube section with WordPress

Create a YouTube video in the Wordpress blog

2.8. WordPress Style

Styling individual posts using the_id

Each WordPress post can implement an independent Style

Multiple WordPress page layouts in one single template

Use a single template for different page la s

2.9. WordPress Seo

WordPress Seo

WordPress Seo Resources

Blocking your WordPress categories and archives from Google

To prevent repeated content from harming Seo performance, Google may not be able to index the content in some Directories In Wordpress.

WordPress and Seo

How to Create a search engine site

Seo for WordPress tips

WordPress Seo skills

2.10. WordPress feeds Function

Creating Posts that only appear in RSS

The content created in WordPress appears only in feeds subscription, but not on the website.

Publishing external RSS headlines to your WordPress site

A simple tutorial describes how to add the RSS title of an external site to a WordPress site

2.11. Working with featured posts

How to Create a featured post ‑usel for WordPress

Display key Recommended posts on the site homepage

Create a tabbed featured post area in WordPress

Give your theme an attractive look and feature the appropriate content.

2.12. Use the custom content area

Using WordPress custom fields: Introduction

WordPress custom content area

WordPress custom fields: laying text over your lead graphic

WordPress custom content area application

2.13. Other tutorials

13 tags to delete from your theme

13 WordPress theme tags that can be removed

How to make a random post button

How to Create a random post button

Customize your 404 page

Customize your 404 page

Adding an author page to your Wordpress blog

Add an author profile page to your Wordpress blog

How to install Wordpress manually

Install Wordpress manually

Adding thumbnails to your posts in WordPress

Display thumbnails of your article in WordPress

How to easily make WordPress archives that rock

Effective storage of WordPress files

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