Workaround for Office 2007 prompts "error when sending command to program"

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Some time ago installed a Win7 and office 2007, but once the Win7 update restart, office 2007 on the "Send commands to the program error" problem, that is, double-click the document, there will be "send commands to the program error", you can only open Office programs, Then open the document from the program, and Word,excel,powerpoint is so troublesome.

Try 2 methods on the next Pcbeta, it doesn't work!

"Right click on the desktop Word (or other) shortcut, select" Compatibility ", to run this program as an administrator before the hook to remove, everything OK"

The Excel Option ——— advanced-the bottom of the list-to remove (ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data exchange (DDE)).

Yesterday accidentally thought of the last installed office2007 serial number may not be validated, so on the registration table will be the original SN information deleted, and then updated a new serial number. After the update, office returned to normal and the error box never appeared again.

Attach the method of replacing SN:

1. Delete registry [Hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/office/12.0/registration/{90120000-0051-0000-0000-0000000ff1ce}] ProductID and DigitalProductID two items in the key.

2. Run Office, eject the installer, request input Key,ok.

My own situation is different from that, when you open the registry branch, you find that there are two items under registration, and the key value is similar to {90120000-0051-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}, but not the same. The contents of the ProductID and DigitalProductID items are also different, I back up after the deletion of one of them, solve the problem.

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