Workaround: The VMware Horizon View virtual machine status is always "removing missing" or "error missing" status

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Operating Environment
  • Desktop Virtualization version: VMware Horizon 7.4
  • Server virtualization Version: VMware vSphere 6.5 U2
  • Database type: Microsoft SQL Server R2 SP3
  • What to do: A linked-clone desktop pool containing 3 desktops
Error action
  1. The linked-Clone desktop pool corresponds to the virtual Machine folder and resource pool in the vCenter level and location;(suddenly it's not neat in the original place)
  2. Delete a linked-clone virtual machine directly within vCenter ;(suddenly you don't need that desktop pool)
  3. In the View Administrator Management interface, delete the linked-Clone desktop pool.
Fault content
  • View Administrator Management interface, the link clone Desktop pool status is being deleted , cannot be edited;
  • A linked-clone virtual machine in vCenter has been deleted, but the three virtual machine states in View Administrator "Resources"-"computer"-"VCenter virtual machine" have been missing for deletion , Then the error becomes missing and cannot be manipulated.
  • Use the viewdbchk command:
    1. Enter the Horizon View connection Server Windows operating system, open cmd ;
    2. Enter the catalogue C:\Program files\vmware\vmware view\server\tools\bin;
    3. Run viewdbchk.cmd--scanmachines--limit, during which you will be prompted to enter the vcenter password for the view configuration and Composer Password
  • For more information, refer to "VMware Docs"-Using the VIEWDBCHK command to troubleshoot database inconsistencies.
  1. Run viewdbchk.cmd and enter the relevant password:
  2. Three virtual machines with error status found:
  3. The tool starts automating the automatic delete operation:
  4. After you use the tool to clear all the error state of the virtual machine, execute the command again, displaying the error state the number of virtual machines is 0, end!
Other solutions (I did not run successfully ...) Yes, I'm too water.)

Search for a view link clone virtual machine removing keywords such as missing errors

Part of the workaround is to remove the link-clone reference from the View Composer database, Active Directory, and VCenter Server by using Sviconfig
I have tried, the mistake is still ... Is there a problem with the way I open it?

Workaround: The VMware Horizon View virtual machine status is always "removing missing" or "error missing" status

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