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When I open a browser, the Microsoft Visual C + + runtime Library runtime error error, initially expected to be a software conflict, there may be a variety of errors, I was the browser itself shut down.
Sometimes, when you install and execute a software, you may get an error message
Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library
Runtime error!
This application have requested the runtime to terminate it on an unusual. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

It should be explained that the Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library is the Microsoft system comes with the C + + execution libraries, this error and the IE settings in the script debugging should not be related (word).

  The possible scenarios are:

  First, the system implementation cubby is older, and the software needs to update the version number of the execution library, or the system there is no software required to execute the library;

  Second, the system of the implementation of the library damage said;

  Third, the software needs the execution library and the system language version number is inconsistent.

General processing methods: Http://

  0, Check poison antivirus, clean up the system plug-in;

  First, assume that ie this error, you should check the plug-in and try to open the IE menu "tools", "Internet Options", select the "Advanced" tab, "Enable third-party browser extensions (need to restart)" Hook removed;

  Second, the assumption is once installed, and now the implementation of error, it is recommended to install again;

  three, can not be installed at all;

    3. 0 . If you are prompted to lose such as "Msvcp50.dll, Msvcp60.dll, msvcp60d." DLL, Msvci70.dll, Msvcp70.dll, Msvcp71.dll ", from other machines or online after downloading back to the Software folder or system System32 folder can be;

    3. 1, the software use the latest version number and preferably the full version number (do not use cracked or green version); (

    3. 2, on Microsoft's own initiative to update patching;
After finishing the patch or not, go to Microsoft to download the Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) Downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=zh-cn&familyid=32bc1bee-a3f9-4c13-9c99-220b62a191ee

http ://

Span style= "font-size:16px" > Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) , installed on a visual The Execute-time component of the Visual C + + library that is required to perform applications developed using Visual C + + 2005 on a computer that installs C runtime (CRT), standard C + +, ATL, MFC, OpenMP, and Msdia libraries. The execution-time component. For libraries that support the parallel deployment pattern (CRT, SCL, ATL, MFC, and OpenMP), these execution-time components are installed in the native assembly cache that supports the Windows operating system version number of the parallel assembly, also known as the WinSxS directory. Supported operating systems: Windows Service Pack 3; Windows 98; Windows 98 Second Edition; Windows ME; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP Service Pack 2. Required Software: Windows Installer 3.0, Windows Installer 3.1, or later version number.


see a lot of people, but my question and these are somewhat different, appear this dialog box according to determine, at that time in the use of a few pages of the serial port is all gone, ask this is how it happened? Thank you. Here's what the computer jumps out of the passage. Http://

Runtime error
Program:c\program files\internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
-pure virtual function call

And I met the same, start is not good to play! I can do it now! I come to tell you: your game and XP system conflict caused, assuming you do not debug also do not matter, again install next try, this is the file execution error, not again under the individual try

The following is reproduced ~ You can participate in the examination
The Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library is a C + + execution repository that comes with Microsoft systems.

Take my XP system for example, mainly have Msvcp50.dll, Msvcp60.dll, msvcp60d. DLLs, Msvci70.dll, Msvcp70.dll, Msvcp71.dll

You can search for Msvc*.dll in partition C to find them, as described in the Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library

Search can be seen, a lot of application software comes with these execution libraries, so it is possible that your error program comes with the C + + execution Library has problems, so first focus on checking rising firewall C:\PROGRAM files\rising\rfw\rfwsrv. EXE in the same directory as the execution library

Check these files and replace them with the same name files on the normal machine, and replace the same files that exist in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache, or the system will overwrite them back (
Go to Microsoft to download a patch sure line!!!!!!! ~Http://  !!!


Confirm that the problematic page has flash? Try to update the Flash plugin to see

First use this to clean up the old version of Flash, restart the computer

Once again install Flash plugin to see
Let's try the bottom two.


Report a problem, download the above Flash two version number, the results of the test obtained separately Visit This page when the popup is closed
Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library form
The contents are as follows:
Runtime error!
Program:d:\program Files\maxthon2\maxthon.exe
-Pure Virtual function call
Then click on the memory can not be: written error Click to close the browser.


This is the conflict QQ, into the QQ installation folder, look for a QQPlayerProxy.dll, delete will not collapse


The version number restarts the computer and the problem is overcome.
the display is not normal.
QQ's page problem has been conquered.
Other pages to be found, and now do not encounter the crash of suspended animation and other problems, the software is still the above.
I'll report to you again. Thank you very much, very timely.

Microsoft Visual C++runtime error! Program:c:\program files\internet Explorer\iexplore.exe r6025-pure virtual function call

"Runtime error!
Program:c:\program files\internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
-pure virtual function cal

Flash official release of the 9.0 series plug-in has serious debug
, I recommend that you do not upgrade the latest version of the plugin. such as official Release 9.0 plug-ins and then install, or 9.0 plug-ins and QQ space is a name: QQPlayerProxy.dll file conflicts.
OK, I'll tidy up the solution.
1. Remove the Flash plugin from the Add and remove Programs yourself
Thunder Special Fast DownloadHttp:// control Installation
2. Directly delete the QQ directory under the name QQPlayerProxy.dll file can be

The above is back about QQ space this error resolved

I showed up when I was playing wow ...

When you try to close a reminder in Microsoft Outlook, you receive the following error message:

Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library
Runtime error!
Pure virtual function call

To resolve this issue, use one of the following methods. back to the topMethod 1: Use the command-line switchuse one of the following command lines to start Outlook:"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Outlook.exe"/cleanreminders


"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Outlook.exe"/cleanviews


"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Outlook.exe"/CleanFreeBusy Note : Enclose the full path with an argument to preserve the long file name, as seen above. If Outlook is installed in a different location, change the command line accordingly. These command-line switches have the following uses:
Command line switch                purpose-------------------  -------/cleanfreebusy       clear and generate free/busy information again/cleanreminders      clear and generate reminders again/ Cleanviews          Restore the default view
to start Outlook using the command line, follow these steps:
    1. Click Start , and then click Execute .
    2. In the open box, type a command line that is given earlier in this article, and then click OK .
Method 2: Remove and then install Microsoft Office Small Businessassuming that Microsoft Office Small business is installed in the same directory as a previously installed Microsoft Office Professional, you must remove the Office Small busine SS and whatever other instances of office, and then install Office Small business again. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Click Start , point to Settings , and then click Control Panel .
    2. double-click Add/Remove Programs .
    3. click   Microsoft office,small Business , and then click Join/Remove .
    4. to Remove Office , and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Have you ever been poisoned or installed any software that was not properly uninstalled?
To try and get rid of the self-priming of the process.
1. Use the Use configuration entry to start-Execute the-msconfig-startup tab to find the key value of
Path Svchost.exe

The line, remove the front of the construction, restart the machine

2. It is also possible to achieve the corresponding purpose by deleting the corresponding key in the register: Start-execute-regedit-OK open the Register editor
It's usually in two positions.
Found in the inside with path Svchost.exe
It is possible to delete the key value or the right key including the Svchost.exe key.
Organize: league Records
many other Microsoft Visual C + + runtime Library runtime Error

Workarounds for Microsoft Visual C + + runtime Library runtime error

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