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That's Google!

Terms all over the world! The most authentic fairy tale in the virtual world!

Google is headquartered in California, USA. It looks as luxurious as the fairy rock cave that will appear in mythology-hundreds of magic lava lights hanging on the portal porch; fitness balls and M & m's chocolate tolerance; chefs of the famous phantom orchestra gratefuldead are on a 24-hour wait to prepare free meals for their employees. electric scooters and children's toy cars travel between the Office, and employees are sitting and carrying documents.

In the office, a row of millionaires sitting in odd costumes held large shares of employees with a market value of $145.

My dream is to work here? Name your component first!

Google started a new round of employee recruitment ......

■ Turning out the door for "book titles"

To become a Google programming engineer, you 'd better have a bit of imagination. Otherwise, don't go to Google. I'm afraid you don't even understand the recruitment advertisement!

Google published a Google lab capability disposition test in several professional magazines, such as the Massachusetts technical comments, linuxjournal, Mensa, and today's physics ".

At the beginning of the exam, I was tempted to say "Try it! Send the answer back to Google. You hope to visit the Google headquarters and become one of us ".

There are only 21 problems in the test. The track is broken, and the sword is far from being used.

For example, how many combinations can be used to color 20 Faces in three colors? Which three colors will you choose ".

Without a clue: "What is the most beautiful mathematical equation in the world ?"

Countless questions can be played freely: "fill in the following blank space, fill in some good things" or "Use your paint brush to change the appearance of this examination paper "......

On the BBS of the world's top universities, this test is circulating, and a variety of definite or uncertain answers.

"Within a few days, Google headquarters received thousands of answers ." "Many of them come from economists, professors, and high IQ people," said Alan yastas, vice president of Google. They have no intention of applying for a job. They just want to challenge their abilities ."

■ Reward for "gold mind"

Google has allocated $50 thousand billion to talented programmers waiting for answers.

Google spent the money as long as it rushed to the last knockout round to entertain them for an interview at Google's "Fantastic headquarters" in California. If you are not selected, you can enjoy it for free.

Speaking of "luxury in hand", Google does not have to worry about it.

In addition to being kind to its own employees, paying high dividends and offering shares, and taking care of them like nursery children, Google also offers a "cash reward" on the Internet every year to recruit "Hunters" to write difficult programs.

Last year, sergiosan-cho, a program expert on the "king list", used a small program to get $10 thousand in compensation.

This Argentine programmer is happy. He has been working in the company for half a year and cannot earn this number.

■ Google uses "full answer"

Last round of Google recruitment.

It is also a "full-fledged question" that is not understood by "Scientific muttles". Moreover, it hangs on major subway stations in Silicon Valley. At the end of September, three 15-meter-long beige billboards simply flushed "(the first ten-digit number that can be found in the 'E' series ). com, no company name or any advertising word.

It took several seconds for the road talents to understand that this is a mathematical problem. Natural constant E (2.718281828 ......) Is the name of the target website.

Curious people can't help searching for answers from Google. The root cause is that this is Google's "hard bone" question.

Many later logged on to within the specified time. However, it is not the end of the dream. Google has played a prank and set up a small pavilion for "Masters" to rest on the mountainside.

In, I posted a more troublesome MATHEMATICAL question. After answering this question, I can get the password for accessing the next webpage.

After running the mathematical "marathon", 7500 "Survivors" entered the Google lab webpage and successfully submitted their resumes. At last, Google only needed 50 people. "Google can be regarded as a high level in advertising !"

"The target audience will think after they see the ads, 'This is my language, it's for me. 'For others, advertisements also greatly improve Google's image. They may think, 'I don't get this job. However, the people who work there are really smart '."

■ Google tests are a brain test

· Try to prove that WWWDOT-GOOGLE = dotcom · describes various models with seasonal words in a short Japanese poem, which predicts seasonal changes in network search traffic.

· You fall into a maze and go through the corridor. There is a dusty laptop in your hand that can be connected to the Internet wirelessly. There are many inanimate guts around. In this case, what do you do?

A) wandering without a destination, walking into a dead end, and then being eaten by monsters in the maze.

B) use a laptop as a shovel and penetrate the floor to directly go to the next level of the game.

C) Play the online game magic weapons until the battery is exhausted.

D) use the computer to find the maze node and find the correct way out.

E) send your resume to Google and tell the leader in the maze that you want to quit the game. Then, we can see that you are back in the real world.

· What are UNIX problems? How do you remedy it?

· On your first day at Google, you found that your roommate in the same dormitory had written a book. This book is your most important reference material when you are a graduate student. You will:

A) ask him to sign it for you.

B) do not change the sitting posture, but let the typing sound light, and try to avoid affecting him.

C) Leave your oatmeal and coffee to him.

D) quote your favorite program in his book and tell him how much inspiration this equation has given you.

E) Let him see that you can use less than 34 statements to complete a difficult program.

· Which of the following statements best express Google's corporate culture?

A) "I feel lucky"

B) "don't do bad things"

C) "Oh, I have completed the task"

D) "You can find food within 10 meters"

E) All of the above are

· A 1 ohm resistor is used to form an infinitely large open lattice. What is the resistance between two points?

· Two o'clock P.M., the famous Bay Area in San Francisco. You can go hiking in the Redwood forest of Sunshine Coast, National Park, or visit the cultural landscape in the city. What do you do?

· What is the next revolutionary breakthrough in search technology?

· How many people are the optimal team members of a technical research group? Once this number is exceeded, the average productivity of each additional researcher decreases accordingly: a) 1b) 3c) 5d) 11E) 24

· Triangle ABC. Use a circle gauge and ruler to locate the point P, and ensure that the circumference of the Triangle ABC, ACP, And BCP are equal.

· What is the coolest program you have ever written?

· Find the next part of this series: 10, 9, 60, 90, 70, 66?

A) 96

B) 10 to the power of 100

C) A or B

D) None of the above

· Describe your contribution to the Google lab in less than 29 words.

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