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When we do some exchange or Lync projects, we often use public network certificates, such as: We do exchange2013 and Office 365 hybrid deployment, or through the SEM staging migration or CEM direct conversion migration need to use the public network certificate, below for you to introduce 1 free SSL certificate and application method, I hope to help you

In order to popularize HTTPS encryption, Wosign CA provide multi-domain free SSL certificate to global users, support 2-year 5 domain name, meet basic usage requirement of website, help small and medium-sized website and personal website 0 cost to enable HTTPS encryption.

At present, wosign free SSL certificate for users in more than 180 countries and regions of the world to provide transmission encryption protection, welcome more users Free Application! This article will detail the specific process for wosign free SSL certificate requests :

1. Application for Entrance

Wosign Free SSL Certificate product Introduction site: https://freessl.wosign.com

Wosign Free SSL Certificate Chinese application entry: Https://buy.wosign.com/free

Wosign Free SSL Certificate English application entrance: https://buy.wosign.com/free/?lan=en

2. Fill in the Application Information 2.1 set the certificate parameters

Enter the domain name where you want to use the SSL certificate in the input box, set the application age, certificate language, Signature algorithm and other certificate parameters.

Note: Wosign CA stops issuing SHA-1 certificate since 2016

2.2 Sign in or create an account

Registered wosign account users, please directly use the registration email and password login;

Users who are not registered with the Wosign account can create a new account in this step, fill in the registration email, complete the email verification, set up the account password to complete the registration. Remember to register your email and password to log in to the Wosign digital certificate store (buy.wosign.com).

Note: The registered mailbox will be used to receive the message to retrieve the certificate, please make sure the mailbox is working properly.

650) this.width=650; "height=" 467 "alt=" Free SSL certificate Request step 1 "src=" Http://www.wosign.com/support/images/My_account/My_ Account_user_guide_freessl_clip_image002_0001.png "/>

3. Generate Order

After completing the application information, click "Submit Request" to automatically jump to "my Orders" page, click "Verify Domain Name" To verify the domain name, complete the domain verification to enter the next step.

650) this.width=650; "height=" 253 "alt=" Free SSL certificate Request step 2 "src=" Http://www.wosign.com/support/images/My_account/My_ Account_user_guide_freessl_clip_image004_0000.png "/>

4. Verify the domain name

There are two ways to verify domain names: One is to verify domain name ownership, and the other is to verify control of your site, and you can choose your own authentication method.

650) this.width=650; "alt=" Free SSL certificate Request step 3 "src=" Http://www.wosign.com/support/images/My_account/My_Account_user_ Guide_freessl_clip_image006_0000.png "/>

(Domain name ownership verification)

650) this.width=650; "alt=" Free SSL certificate Request step 4 "src=" Http://www.wosign.com/support/images/My_account/My_Account_user_ Guide_freessl_clip_image010_0000.png "/>

5. Submit Certificate Application document (CSR)

After completing the domain name verification, you need to submit a certificate request file (CSR), here are two ways to generate: one, directly from the system to help you generate a certificate request file, relatively simple and fast, mode two, by yourself on your server to generate a certificate request file online submission.

650) this.width=650; "alt=" Free SSL certificate Request step 5 "src=" Http://www.wosign.com/support/images/My_account/My_Account_user_ Guide_freessl_clip_image012_0000.png "/>

6, waiting to be issued, retrieve the certificate

After completing the above steps, wait for the certificate to be issued. After the certificate is issued, a download link will be sent to your application email, and you can click on the download link to retrieve the certificate.

Note: You need to set the certificate installation password when you retrieve the certificate, keep this password in mind and you will need to enter it when installing the certificate.

650) this.width=650; "alt=" Free SSL certificate Request step 6 "src=" Http://www.wosign.com/support/images/My_account/My_Account_user_ Guide_freessl_clip_image014_0000.png "/>

7. Certificate Deployment

For various types of server SSL Certificate Deployment Guide Please refer to: http://www.wosign.com/Docdownload/index.htm

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Wosign free SSL Certificate request guide

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