WPA-PSK encryption setting method for wireless networks

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First, WPA introduction

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a protocol and algorithm for improving the security of the keys used by WEP. It changes the way the key is generated and transforms the key more frequently to get security. It also increases the message Integrity check feature to prevent packet forgery. The function of WPA is to replace the existing WEP (Wired equivalent Privacy) protocol. Wireless LANs used to be less secure because of the drawbacks of the standard encryption technology "WEP".

WPA is a new technology that inherits the fundamentals of WEP and addresses the drawbacks of WEP. Because of the enhanced algorithm for generating cryptographic keys, it is almost impossible to compute a common key even when grouping information is collected and parsed.

WPA also adds functionality and authentication features that prevent data from being tampered with halfway through. Thanks to these features, WEP's previously criticized shortcomings have been fully resolved.

Second, the application of WPA in the home wireless network.

Complete WPA implementation is more complex, because the operation process is difficult, the general user implementation is not very realistic. So a simplified version of WPA ――WPA-PSK (preshared key) is used in the home network.

Third, please set the exact line before, at the same time ensure that there is a network cable connected to the computer and no lines by the LAN port, in order to facilitate the login router configuration at any time.

(i), settings and instructions on the router

Open the router's wireless parameters-> "Basic Settings":

Figure 1

SSID number, channel, band bandwidth can choose the default state, note that the wireless function must be made before the hook, or wireless internet access.

Open Wireless security settings and select Wpa-psk/wpa2-psk

Figure 2

"Authentication type" has three kinds of choice: automatic choice, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, three basic no difference. "Encryption algorithm" has three kinds of choices: automatic selection, TKIP, AES, generally recommended AES encryption algorithm.

Note: If you manually select the tkip,11n router, the following interface will appear, meaning that wireless transmission performance will degrade in this mode of encryption, so it is recommended to select Automatic or AES.

To this end, no line from the security configuration is basically set up, and finally select the "System Tools"-> "Restart the router."

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