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Jinshan Text 2007 After you add the function of the formula Editor, make our formula input problem easy to solve. However, in practical work, sometimes we will need to set the formula color more eye-catching, and the default black will appear powerless. How to set the color of the formula no longer black one? We can do this:

When you select the formula that you want to edit, the Picture toolbar automatically pops up without having to worry about it. Click the Shadow Style Tool button on the Drawing toolbar to select Shadow Style 18, which is the shadow style at the bottom of the second column on the left of the list of styles, as shown in Figure 1. For ease of comparison, two identical formulas are inserted into the document.

Fig. 1 Insert formula in WPS

Select the formula that has the shadow style set, and then click the Shadow Style Tool button on the Drawing toolbar. This time click the "Shadow Settings" button in the pop-up menu to open the "Shadow Settings" toolbar. Click on the small triangle to the right of the shadow color button at the far right, and select the desired color in the pop-up list of colors, as shown in Figure 2. At this point, the color of the formula and the color of the shadow will change to the specified color. We then click on the "Shadow Settings" toolbar "slightly up", "slightly down", "slightly left" and "slightly to the right" buttons, so that the formula's shadow and the formula itself coincide exactly, you can get the formula of the specified color. Figure 2 The Red formula is the finished effect chart.

Figure 2 WPS Shadow Settings

In practice, it is sometimes found that the formula after the completion of the formulation feel "coarse" a lot, some deformation. This doesn't matter, just select the formula, press the "CTRL" key, and then drag the mouse to copy one, so the new copy of this effect will be much better. If you have installed Mathtype5 and more versions, the WPS formula will be a much simpler color change. Whenever you edit a formula and then double-click the color block on the right side of color on the status bar below, the color dialog box pops up, specifying the color you want, as shown in Figure 3. And then make sure it's okay.

In this way, in Jinshan text, table, demo can be achieved in any color formula. Moreover, the formula can be reproduced arbitrarily between the three.

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