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Kingsoft Office software recently released WPS Office 2012 Office software adhering to the WPS has always been lightweight and fast, easy to install features, deep compatibility with Microsoft Office, its adoption of the Windows 7 style of the new interface, giving users a fresh visual enjoyment. In addition, WPS Office 2012 also provides 10 major document authoring tools, with 100 in-depth feature improvements, one of the key output PDF file function, well received by users. Here we will take a look at the output of the PDF file specific operation.

One, output PDF

PDF full Name Portable Document format, the most important advantage is the use of Cross-platform platform, that is, the use of PDFs on either printer or monitor to ensure accurate color and accurate printing or display effect as you enter the same effect. Second, the production of PDF can be encrypted, permission settings, document confidentiality than other formats have improved. Therefore, the use of PDF in the work, learning and research is very high, especially in foreign companies and High-tech Enterprises, PDF becomes the preferred format for document interchange and transfer.

After the new WPS text editing, click the "wps text" option in the upper left corner of the menu bar to select "Output to PDF format ...", the dialog box appears as shown in Figure 1, by browsing or entering the location where the specified file is saved, and pressing the OK button, Can be exported, if the export is successful, you will see the "Export complete" hint shown in Figure 2, if you choose to open the file, you can view the PDF document, if you do not need to have the option to close. (Hint: Make sure your computer has a PDF reader installed, such as Adobe Reader)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Second, the PDF advanced options

If you want to set up a PDF in detail, you can click the Advanced (M) button before the output, and the detailed dialog box shown in Figure 3 appears, and if you want to turn off the advanced settings, click the General (L) button.

Figure 3

1. The annotation (C), Hyperlink (H), footnote and endnote link (N) options are mainly related to annotation information, especially in academic literature, such as articles, monographs, and often used in writing. Depending on your needs, you sometimes need to export annotations, footnote information, and then tick the advanced options, and uncheck if you do not need to export.

2, the bookmark is the PDF document quickly jumps to the related information auxiliary function, especially in the long document use is very common. The new WPS set up three ways to export bookmarks, which are heading styles, other styles, and custom styles, where heading styles are the easiest to convert, but note that you need to format the title text in the document as Heading 1 or Heading 2, Heading 3, in your document composition. If you are not setting up bookmarks in a PDF export, you will need to use professional software such as Adobe Acrobat to set up.

Third, permission settings

Check the permission settings (E) to adjust the reading permissions for the PDF document.

The first step is to set the password, only the permission settings after the password has been set to take effect, otherwise the user can easily change permissions. After setting the password, repeat the password in the "Confirm (F)" column and save it properly.

Figure 4

The second step is to set basic permissions, that is, "Allow Change (d)" (if you uncheck, the user can only read, cannot change the document), "Allow Replication (d)" (if unchecked, the user can only read, can not copy text and images in the document.) However, users can still identify with the word recognition software, and "Allow annotation (A)" (if unchecked, the consumer will not be able to annotate in PDF reader).

The third step, set print permissions (R), as shown in Figure 5, there are three kinds of settings that are not allowed to print, low quality printing, and unrestricted printing. "Do not allow printing" and "unrestricted printing" very good understanding, "low quality printing" mainly refers to the document in the picture printing resolution will be lowered, will affect the printing effect, that is, the so-called figure is not clear.

Figure 5

Fourth, set file open password, you can set, or you can not set. If you set open passwords, be aware that file open passwords cannot be the same as permission set password, and cannot be exported if they are the same. If the file open password setting succeeds, when you open the PDF document, you will need to enter a password, as shown in Figure 6, and you cannot open the PDF document if you cannot enter an exact password.

In specific use, especially in enterprises, schools and other public networks, such as users want to share, but also want to be able to read only certain people. You can upload the encrypted PDF file to the public FTP area, and then by email, the form of SMS to notify specific groups of files open password and storage location, can be convenient, fast and confidential sharing of documents.

Figure 6

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