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We all know that a set of test papers by a number of questions, and each problem has different points, then the teacher in the question how to quickly calculate the total score of the test paper? Of course, Excel can easily handle this problem, but the teacher's question is definitely a document, in fact, can use WPS bookmark function to calculate, sometimes due to a large number of questions, Bookmarks are cumbersome, and then the small series to tell you to use the text form fields to add bookmarks to solve this problem. The specific actions are as follows:

  One, Text form fields

1. Create a blank document, enter a number of questions about the title of the quiz paper, insert a text form field after the text you want to insert the score into: Click the Insert tab, click Text Form field in the group of forms to insert a text form field.

2. Double-click the inserted Text form field, the Option window pops up, the default text is entered 10, and the bookmark (B) is entered in one. Note that the signature of a book cannot begin with an Arabic numeral.

  Second, bookmark calculation

1. Insert the Formula field. Switch to the Insert tab, click the field button, and select "Formula" in the pop-up window. Then, after the "=" in the field Code text box, type "one + two + three + four + five" (add up the bookmark for each question score), and the last field code is "= one + two + three + four + five".

2. Change the score. Double-click the Text form field, in the pop-up window can be modified to the score, the score is modified, you must also update the total score, with the right mouse click Total Score, in the pop-up menu click Update Field can be.

The above is an example tutorial for calculating the total score of a quiz paper with text form fields and bookmarks. After learning to revise the test paper, just the test questions and points to adjust, if the increase or decrease in the number of questions, you need to modify the formula of the Code field, or the overall score of the paper is certainly wrong.

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