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In front of the small series for everyone to speak in the WPS demonstration animation process, including import, work path and so on. And now the small series to introduce you to the animation of the emission sequence, if your presentation has added a lot of animation, then which one after the first? The following is a brief explanation.

1. First, open a WPS presentation.

WPS Demo

2. Select the slide you want to animate and click "Animation"-"Custom Animation".

3, select the elements of the demo you want to animate, and then click on the right side of the software "add effect" and the effect of the settings, such as entry mode, emphasis form, exit mode and action path.

4, the need to sort the elements to add one after another, you can see the elements on the upper left will appear an Arabic numeral, the number according to add the order of the effect of the ordering, that is, the animation of the order of broadcast.

5, if you want to reorder the animation sequence, you can select the software to the right of the Custom Animation window of an element, according to the lower right-hand "reorder" of the up and down arrows to sort. For example, if you select the second element, and then press the UP ARROW, you'll find that the second element in the slide has become "1", which means that the second element is played first.

The above is the method of the discharge sequence of the animation in WPS demonstration. After the animation effect of the setting, the need to sort the elements to add one after another, it is necessary to sort the order, it is so simple, you have learned? I hope the above content will help you.

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