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In the slide show, it's always easier to look natural for each slide, and I often insert the animation effect into the demo. The following small series leads us to see what the animation effects are in the WPS demo and how the effects of these animations are applied to the slides.

The WPS2010 provides 52 kinds of entry effects. Basic type 19 kinds, fine miniature 4 kinds, moderate type 12 kinds, gorgeous type 17 kinds.

Animation effects

For the picture, the entry effect can choose 46 kinds, the tint part effect is the picture enters the effect not to be possible to use.

For text, all the entry effects are available, and you can select 52 of them.

Click the Slide Show menu item to select the Custom Animation option from the shortcut menu that you want to bring up the Custom Animation task pane, and then select the type Object, click the Add Effect button in the Custom Animation task pane, and in the Drop-down menu that pops up, go to the related menu of animation effects. Other effects option, open the Add into effect window.

When you open the add into effect window, select a shutter animation effect and click OK to complete the setting.

In the Start Drop-down box list, you can do the following three things:

On click means to start the animation by clicking the slide.

"Before" means to start an animation at the same time as.

After is the start of the animation after the last animation has finished playing.

In the Orientation Drop-down list, the erase animation can perform the following four actions: from the bottom, from the left, from the right, from the top

There are different options for animations.

The box, diamond, Glyph extension, and circle extension animations can perform the following two actions: inside and outside.

The erase, step, and plunge animations can perform the following four actions: from the bottom, from the left, from the right, from the top.

"Fly in", "slow entry" animation can perform the following eight kinds of actions: from the bottom, from the left, from the right, from the top, from the upper left, from the lower left, from the upper right, from the right lower.

The Chessboard animation can perform the following two actions: spanning, down.

The zoom animation can do the following six things: Inside, zoom in from the center of the screen, zoom in, out, shrink from the bottom of the screen, and shrink slightly.

Wheel animation You can perform the following five types of actions: 1-wheel pattern, 2-wheel pattern, 3-wheel pattern, 4-wheel pattern, 8-wheel pattern

The blinds, random lines, and rotate animations can perform the following two actions: horizontal, vertical.

"Split" animation can perform the following four kinds of operations: up and down to the central contraction, the central to the upper and lower contraction, to the central contraction, the central to the left and right contraction.

The rest of the animation settings are not in the direction of the operation.

Speed is divided into five kinds: very slow, slow, medium speed, very fast. Only the time of the subtitle animation defaults to 15 seconds, and there is a "gradient", "appear", "Random effect" no speed aspects of the operation.

Select the first animation in the animation series in the Custom Animation pane, click the Drop-down button to the right, and in its Drop-down menu, select three ways to set the beginning of the animation: Click Start, start at the previous item, and start after the previous item.

Click Hide Advanced Timeline to hide the Advanced timeline, and click Show Advanced Timeline to display the Advanced timeline.

You can choose to hide and display the advanced schedule, in the Open advanced timeline, the mouse points to appear up or down or left and right two-headed arrow, press and hold can be dragged, up and down the two-headed arrow drag to adjust the order of the animation sequence, up and down the two-headed arrow drag can adjust With this advanced schedule you can clearly observe the order and timing of each animation, and you can easily modify the settings of the animation.

Select one of the animations click the Delete option on the shortcut menu to delete an animation setting for this object.

Click Timings or Effect Options on the shortcut menu to make further settings for the animation you set up. As shown in the figure, you can set the orientation to horizontal or vertical, and the Custom Animation window setting effect is the same. Added is the sound can be added, can be provided by the system or user-added WAV format voice, you can adjust the volume size or set to mute mode.

After the animation settings can choose the system to provide color or other colors, you can also choose the "Do not Darken", "play animation after hiding" or "Hide after next click" Effects.

Animated text can optionally set the percentage of delay between letters by selecting an entire batch and alphabetically.

In the Timing tab, you can set the three modes that start. You can set the delay time, optionally or directly enter the time, in seconds, the same speed and delay time settings. Repeat optional or direct-enter the number of times, or select "Until next click" or "until the end of the slide."

Trigger section, the default click to trigger a partial sequence animation, check the "click the following object is start effect," Click at the Drop-down button behind it, hang a piece of content, click OK button, you can set the trigger.

Click the body Text Animation tab to see that grouped text can appear in three ways: As an object, all paragraphs at the same time, and three by first level paragraph. You can also set the time interval to be every few seconds.

The above is a full description of the animation effect in the WPS demo, including the classification of the animation effect in the demo, and the insertion of the animation effect. When the animation effect is selected, you can also set the sound, time, and start effect of the animation. I believe that through the above introduction, the animation effect has a certain understanding of it.

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