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1, first open WPS text 2012, pending the content of the inquiry will be entered into the completion, position the cursor after the answer you want to select, click the Insert tab in the menu bar, and then click the check Box form field button in the form Ribbon (Figure 1), and then click Form Field Shading after you finish inserting command to cancel the form field shading.

2, finally click the Protect Form field button. This way, when we click the checkbox with the mouse, we can switch between the selected and unchecked (Figure 2).

3, when in the questionnaire if there is a need to two select one, or more Select a problem, we can use the "Drop-down form Field" feature.

First, position the cursor to the answer location you want to select. Click the Drop-down form field button in the form Ribbon to automatically insert a form field, double-click the form field, and then click the Add button in the dialog box when the Drop-down form Field Options dialog box is activated. Then enter the selectable content in the selection box (Figure 3).

4. Click the "Add" button again, and continue adding new selections until you have finished adding your selections, click OK to close the dialog box, and then click Protect Form field.

In this way, when we click the form field with the mouse, we will pop up the option (Figure 4) and click the appropriate option to complete the selection.

Tip: If you don't feel comfortable with the content of the options we added, click the Move Up or Move Down button to adjust the position.

5, in the production of form fields, if you are afraid of users do not understand, we can also add "help" file. To do this, click the Add Help text command in the XXX form Field Options dialog box. Then select the F1 Help key tab in the Open Form Field Help Text dialog box, select "Type Yourself", and finally type the help text (Figure 5), click OK to exit, and then click in the form Ribbon The Protect Form button.

6, so when we click "form Field" with the mouse, press the F1 key in the functional area of the keyboard, it will open the help description of the form field (Figure 6).

7, after the completion of the questionnaire, it can be sent into the.

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