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After using WPS to edit the text, sometimes in order to bind to better organize, read or edit the document requirements, you need to add a header and footer. But how do you make a different header and footer than a monotonous number or a text header or footer? The following small series for you to introduce the graphics header and footer.

Operation Steps:

1, click the menu bar-View-header and footer, add the header footer to the document.

Header and Footer

2, the cursor click on the header or footer, and then click on the Drawing Toolbar AutoShape button, in the Stars and banners to choose a favorite pattern.

Drawing Tools

3, pull the mouse to draw a graphic, and then click on it, right, select the Format object.

4, in the Color and Line tab set a good color and style.

5, switch to the Layout tab, choose to be lined with text, and then select Center.

6, after the confirmation, you can see the header appears in the graph we just drew.

The above is the use of WPS to make graphics header and footer method, in fact, the specific steps of the operation as normal, but in the selection of header and footer to click on the Drawing toolbar AutoShapes, and then you draw a distinctive figure. Generally speaking, the operation is simple and quick.

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