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Recently, Jinshan Office software officially released the WPS Office 2012 Office software. The new product adhering to the WPS has always been lightweight and fast, easy to install features, the depth of compatibility with the Microsoft Office,windows 7-style interface gives users a fresh visual enjoyment, but also to achieve the user in the fashion interface and classic interface between a key switch. In addition, WPS Office 2012 specifically provides 10 major document authoring tools, with 100 in-depth functional improvements, and support for office-anywhere, coupled with its professional intimate services, will bring a new user experience.

WPS Office 2012 adds a lot of new features while still maintaining a lightweight and fast features, the WPS Office 2012 installation Package volume is only 42M, users do not have to wait for downloading, and do not have to install time-consuming headaches, 1 minutes to complete the download and installation. Although "small stature" does not affect its powerful function of the play.

After saying that WPS Office 2012 is lightweight and fast, let's talk about the features of WPS Office 2012:

First, the WPS Office 2012 is deeply compatible with Microsoft Office versions (Microsoft Office 2003 to 2010), and Microsoft Office implements bidirectional file reading and writing. At the same time, WPS Office 2012 is completely compatible with Microsoft Office, whether it is interface style or application habits, and users can get started without learning. Also, WPS Office 2012 automatically associates with the user during the installation process. doc,. xls,. ppt, and other Microsoft Office file formats, and the default format for WPS saves is set to the general format. As a lightweight, convenient and free software, WPS Office 2012 allows users to clearly realize the ease and efficiency they bring.

Second, WPS Office 2012 is completely free for individual users, users do not need to be like the use of pirated Office for serial numbers and decoding and trouble, as long as the download installation package can be directly installed to use all the features. and WPS Office provides 7x12 hours of professional and technical team, users encounter any problems in the use of the process through the client online support, telephone hotline, WPS know the platform, micro-blog feedback channels and other ways to seek help, WPS Expert Group will be the first time to give users with illustrated professional guidance.

Again, WPS Office 2012 can be used in conjunction with the Kingsoft Office Mobile version and Jinshan Express, so that users in addition to desktop office, but also through mobile phones and tablets office, so that users anywhere and anytime to read, edit and save Office documents, but also to share documents to work partners, To achieve a number of people working together. Help users to truly realize the office anytime, efficient and fast, simple and easy.

Finally, the 10000+ online templates and models provided by WPS Office 2012 and the rich online material library will give users a more convenient and easy new office experience.

Jinshan Office software Vice President Mr. Zhangqingyuan said: "WPS Office Personal version is free, users just login WPS official website, 1 minutes to complete the download, 1 minutes can be installed, our software is always free, no plug-ins and ads, please use the user at ease." ”

Software name Jinshan WPS Office 2012 Person Edition

Authorization Type Free

Download link WPS official website http://www.wps.cn/

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