WPS form Automatic marking Test students ' calculating quickly ability

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Today, I thought of a tutorial on calculating quickly, I will use WPS form to help teachers test pupil calculating quickly ability.

Effect chart

① lists the prepared topics in column D of the table and lists the answers in column G,

② according to the figure in the F6 input formula: "=if (E2=g2," √ "," X ")" To achieve the batch right and wrong.

③ Enter the formula in the "correct" item, cell C2: "=countif (f:f, √)" COUNTIF indicates that the number of cells in the range that satisfies the given condition is calculated. Count the number of answers to the correct question.

When you set the cell as shown:

Similarly, in the error item (cell C3), enter: "=countif (F:f," X ")"

④ Enter the formula in cell C4: "=if (COUNTA (f:f), COUNTIF (f:f," √ ")/counta (F:f), 0)" COUNTA indicates: Returns the number of nonblank cells in the argument list. Statistical percentages.

Then set the cell format as a percentage, as shown in the figure:

⑤ should not let students see all the answers hidden will be B, C, F, g column hidden, will e leave blank let students do questions, you can.

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