WPS Form input error prompt settings to ensure data accuracy

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Sometimes things are more and more complicated, inevitably will make mistakes, if the WPS table entered the wrong data, you will get the wrong result, in those data accurate industry, the loss is not estimated. So is there any way to avoid it? We can add an Error entry prompt box to the WPS table to remind the operator to enter the error data.

Operation Steps

1, open the WPS table, open to add a hint of the form of the document, the following figure for example, the mouse selected B2:b6 cell, click the menu bar data-effectiveness.

2, in the data validation interface Click the Settings tab, under the permission to select a custom, formula bar input =isnumber (B2) *and (b2<=100,b2>=0).

3, and then click on the Error Warning tab, style selection stop, error message can be filled out at their own discretion. Determined to take effect.

4, in order to verify the success, we in the B2 cell input 700, found pop-up prompt box, this is the result we want.

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