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The following is a news hotspot window that will pop up every day in WPs, believe that many people are not unfamiliar with it, in the upper right corner of the window has a setting icon, click to set the window for the "Show on the Day" or "a week no longer pop", the following figure, that is, we can only set up to one weeks of not pop-up display, You're going to have to do this again in a week.

If you want to turn it off permanently, right-click on the taskbar at the bottom of our computer and select "Start Task Manager" In the pop-up dialog box, and then eject the Task Manager window, as shown

In the Task Manager window under "Application", we must make sure that the WPS software is running at this time, from the following figure you can see the software we are currently running

Then still in the window, we switch the application to the "process" on the right, and then pull down the scroll bar until we see a program with the image name "Wpsnotify.exe," as shown in the picture, which is the "culprit" that causes the daily pop-up window.

Then right click on the program name, in the pop-up dialog box we select the "Open File location", and then the system will automatically jump to our hard drive to store the application location, as shown in

Find after we delete it, and then create a new name "Wpsnotify.exe" blank document, Win7 friends to note that the file must be changed to ". exe", otherwise the text document format, after the change is an application format, as shown, Because this is our own establishment, so the future will not pop the hot news, we can go to try Oh

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