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On the keyboard is not ≈ about equal to the symbol, so, through the keyboard can not directly input;

But in the office processing, and had to enter such symbols, then, how to enter the ≈ agreement on the symbol?

Here, this article will only explain the simplest, most general, in any computer environment can enter a method, package you satisfied, this method is through the keyboard input of input. The following is the method, hope to help you!

First of all, switch to a Chinese input method, such as "intelligent abc", this time, we will be near the taskbar, see the following image of the Input tool toolbar!

The above toolbar, do not know that you have observed no, the toolbar's rightmost button, long like a keyboard, the key is a soft keyboard switch button;

Next, on the top of the button, click the right mouse button, will automatically pop up a shortcut menu, as shown below!

In the figure above, select the "Math Fit" menu item;

Finally, you will see the "math symbol" soft keyboard that pops up as shown below.

See no, the first line of the first button, is ≈ about equal to the symbol, using the left mouse button click, you can enter.

Note, how you perform the second step, does not eject the soft keyboard, then, please use the left mouse button click on the Soft keyboard button, so that it bounced out. If you want to turn off the soft keyboard, click the button again, and then close.

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