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If we want to check the highest selling price and the lowest selling price of a product in a day's sales record, we don't need a constructor or an expression. We can use the following methods to obtain.

First step: Select the next column in the table title bar, and then click the Freeze Pane button under the View tab.

Step two: Switch to the Start tab, select the table header row, click the "Filter" List button, click on the "Filter" command, then the right of each cell in the title appears a small triangle button, can perform the drop-down operation.

Step three: Select the desired date from the Date Drop-down box (for example, March 5, 2014) and select the desired product name (such as a refrigerator) from the "Name" Drop-down box (Figure 3) so that the list will contain only the March 5, 2014 sales of refrigerators.

Step Fourth: Right click on the status bar blank, select the "Max" and "Min" two options from the menu (Figure 4).

Fifth step: Select all the "unit price" cell, in the status bar can see the refrigerator to sell the highest price and the lowest price.

Small tip:

With the system built-in automatic calculation and status bar prompts, you can also calculate the average number of data. Cleverly to the status bar prompt information to switch settings and reasonable use, can be in the daily calculation of a lot of convenience.

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