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1, the first is the production of film, new blank slide, draw a rectangle, set to black, as shown below.

2, then draw a very small rectangle, set to white, placed on the black rectangle.

3, copy and paste the white rectangle, you can use a combination to copy, so faster. The final effect is as follows:

4, in the middle of the black area to draw a few rectangles, and then double-click the rectangle, picture fill, choose the local good-looking picture.

5. In this way, the film is finished.

6, and then the film as long as the line or rectangle, butt up, combination, set the rectangle (or line) transparent, cut, paste as a PNG picture.

7, the following to the right to enter as an example, the resulting picture frame moved out to align the edges of the demo area as follows (excluding the transparent part). Copy a good picture box, copy out the picture box 2 at the end and the right side of the demo area, the red line indicates the width of the picture frame 2.

8, click on the left of the picture box 1 Add action to draw a custom line or curve, hold down SHIFT and click the center of the picture 1 to the end of the picture 2. That is, the position and length of the red line, delete the picture 2 Copy Picture box 1, and the picture frame 1 overlap place.

9, select two picture frame action properties, set speed, time, and remove the smooth start, smooth end, repeated to the end of the slide or the next click.

10, set the picture frame 1 is after, the newly copied picture box 3 is before, and sets the delay, the time is half to the left movement time:

11, playback debugging, so as to achieve the best results, while doing two of the same film, the combination of pictures, the same reason.

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