WPS Mobile Version Cleverly set up fast input 18-digit ID number

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Financial staff often contact Excel forms, MO is no exception. And the financial staff in the production of wage forms, or personnel departments in the statistical staff data need to enter ID number or bank account, the number can not be fully displayed problems will naturally affect the efficiency.

In fact, the use of WPS Mobile version, open or create a new Excel table for editing, simple settings can normally display all the numbers, see how MO is how to do it!

First MO to remind you that for the WPS Mobile version, Excel table in the default maximum can only display 11 digits, MO also from the legend can be seen in the table cell 11-digit mobile phone number can be displayed normally.

Because the WPS mobile version is displayed by default as scientific notation, the ID number greater than 11 digits will not display normally, for example, a 16-bit bank card number is displayed as 9.5555E+15, or a 18-bit ID number is displayed as 3.62422E+17.

For all numbers to be displayed in a table cell, the usual method is to enter a "'" symbol at the top of the number, but in this case, the WPS Mobile version cannot recognize the numbers as a number and can not realize the numerical calculation. Mo this tells everybody one way at a stroke, converts the number to text.

When you open the Excel table, slide your fingers to the left WPS Mobile navigation bar, select cell format in the Cells module, select text under Categories in the Number option, and then click OK.

After returning to the WPS Mobile version of the edit window, re-enter the digital information again, no matter how many digits can be normal display, MO also see, the previous can not show the 18-digit ID number and 16-digit bank card number can be normal display.

It is worth mentioning that when you edit an Excel table with the WPS mobile version, if you enter a number that represents a percentage or currency, you can select a cell for the vertical column after you enter a number, and then, after the number icon in font, choose the corresponding symbol, such as when the $ symbol is selected, All numbers are preceded by a renminbi ¥ symbol, which represents the employee's salary.

Overall Rating: Business people often have to move to work because of the job, and through the WPS Mobile version of such tools to read or edit Excel forms. Through a mo above explanation, you have learned to use WPS Mobile version 18 for ID number?

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